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Screen IO program with C source.
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Screen IO program with C source.
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Contents of the READ.ME file

S C R I O . C

Author :Peter C. Worcester

Compiler:TURBO 'C' Version 1.0


This is Version 1.5 of my SCRIO.C routines.
Several small changes have been made to make
these functions more universal and flexible.
Only one or two new functions have been added,
however these routines can now properly support
the EGA adapters without wierd results. I have
also included the file SCRIO.H, which contains
the prototypes to be included in code that uses
the SCRIO.C functions.

The routines in the file SCRIO.C are for
basic low level I/O, to and from the IBM
PC screen.
I developed these routines as a way to
combat portability between most C compilers.
The routines should provide all the necessary
low level I/O functions. I use these routines
for all I/O to the screen, in place of any
compilers library of screen routines.

I have found that, by re-writing only these
routines, I can have VERY portable code; no
matter what system & compiler I use. They
are especially portable between any MS/PC DOS
machines, becouse they use DOS interupts to
perform thier functions.
They now use int86x() to accomodate all memory
models and stubborn display adapters.


Keep in mind simplicity & portability when
you look over these functions. In the interest
of portability, I have obviously sacrificed
some speed. Be fore-warned that these routines
are slower than routines that write directly to
video RAM. However after many many years of
code developement on dozens of systems, I have
been thuroughly frustrated by system/compiler
specific routines.
Since developing these functions I have never
had to fight, to port code from here to there.

I apologize for the thurough lack of complete
documentation, but I promise that I will write
a thurough doc file, that will demonstrate
and document each specific routine.
For now I think that most are self explanitory
or obvoius.


If you have any questions or problems please leave
mail on GENIE for me, I will definately respond.

Mail to PETERW and I will get back to you.

Peter Worcester

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