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Archive   : QWKREP.ZIP
Filename : QWKREP.DES

Output of file : QWKREP.DES contained in archive : QWKREP.ZIP

Number: 30279 Name: QWKREP.ZIP
Address: DAVID-CPM Date: 920917
Approximate # of bytes: 36608
Number of Accesses: 4 Library: 6
This is the source to the programs contained in GENIEQWK.ZIP - it will
let you make changes to these programs if you find they need
any custom changes. You *MUST* have a C compiler: I use MSC 6.0,
I can't give any guarantees as to how anything else will work.
There's also some support files: SMAKE is the make utility used,
QWKREP. is the make file itself (say SMAKE QWKREP to build), and
the CLIB*.* files are libraries and headers for some of my own
support routines that are used.