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So what is CheapWare???

CheapWare is "shareware" with a twist. The intent is to provide
very cheap(inexpensive) software thru the use of the "shareware"
type distribution channel.

Every effort is made to make the registration of CheapWare as low
in cost as possible. The frills are kept to a minimum. We offer
no manuals, no direct support and other low operational overhead.

User registration(s) will keep the flow of cheapware from Cactus
Software Systems running.

We invite suggestions for offerings! Whats the utility that
you would really like to have??

Feedback from users (registered or otherwise) is always appreciated.

Planned offerings include:

1. A little terminal program.

2. A cross-reference and flow utility for C source code.

3. Another little editor.

4. A powerful easy to use "shell" for working with DOS.

5. Who knows?

As of March 28, 1993 the list includes:

1. ProtoMak - Builds prototypes for C/C++ source.
- Offers built in prevention of multiple includes.
- Supports C and CPP style comments. Nesting also.
- Creats or appends protoype include file.
- Automatically date stamps each prototype generation.

2. SetCom - Display/set comm ports from DOS.
-good for troubleshooting comm ports.

3. aMake - A powerful well documented 'make" for DOS.
- Built in help and diagnostic system.

4. aTouch - Set Date/Time of file(s).

5. C2Pas - Helps convert C source to Pascal source.
- Changes most keywords.
- Preserves comments.
- Saves much time for the conversion process.
- Inserts conversion comments.

6. aGrep - Search for text in text/binary files.
- Searches through all types of files for text.

7. MamMoth - A full featured BBS system thats truly fast!
- Supports 9000 files and 2000 current users.
- Most SYSOP features available local and remote.
- Multi-protocol support.
- Unique file and message system.
- Very easy for users to navigate.
- Ultra fast ANSI color.

8. WXModem - A very fast version of the WXModem file transfer protocol.
- Superb easy to use WXModem driver.

9. NMODEM - A high speed file transfer protocol.
- Maximum thruput file protocol.

10. EdHex - An excellent editor for binary(.com,.exe,.sys,.bin,etc).
- Easy and effective editing.

11. ND - Change drive/directory without '\' or full pathname.
- Saves much time moving around the hard drive.

12. DiskSort - Sorts and processes DOS directories.
- Recovers lost space.
- Speeds up DOS file searches.
- Adds security by killing erased files.

13. FileAtr - Utility to change attributes(flags) of DOS files
- Easy use with simple option structure.

14. FileComp - Compares files for differences.
- Options: start, end and/or number of bytes to search.

15. FindFile - Search for files on current drive.
- Will optionally look in arc,lzh,pak,zip and/or zoo

Cactus Software Systems
7353 E. Broadway #329
Tucson, AZ 85710-1408

NOTE: Cactus Software Systems is not related to Cactus Software of
Ontario, Canada.

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  1. Very nice! Thank you for this wonderful archive. I wonder why I found it only now. Long live the BBS file archives!

  2. This is so awesome! 😀 I’d be cool if you could download an entire archive of this at once, though.

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