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/* mdfile.c - Message Digest routines for PGP.
PGP: Pretty Good(tm) Privacy - public key cryptography for the masses.

(c) Copyright 1990-1992 by Philip Zimmermann. All rights reserved.
The author assumes no liability for damages resulting from the use
of this software, even if the damage results from defects in this
software. No warranty is expressed or implied.

All the source code Philip Zimmermann wrote for PGP is available for
free under the "Copyleft" General Public License from the Free
Software Foundation. A copy of that license agreement is included in
the source release package of PGP. Code developed by others for PGP
is also freely available. Other code that has been incorporated into
PGP from other sources was either originally published in the public
domain or was used with permission from the various authors. See the
PGP User's Guide for more complete information about licensing,
patent restrictions on certain algorithms, trademarks, copyrights,
and export controls.

#include "mpilib.h"
#include "mdfile.h"
#include "language.h"
#include "pgp.h"

/* Begin MD5 routines */

/* Note - the routines in this module, except for MD_addbuffer,
* do not "finish" the MD5 calculation. MD_addbuffer finishes the
* calculation in each case, usually to append the timestamp and class info.

/* Computes the message digest for a file from current position for
longcount bytes.
Uses the RSA Data Security Inc. MD5 Message Digest Algorithm */
int MDfile0_len(MD5_CTX *mdContext, FILE *f, word32 longcount)
{ int bytecount;
unsigned char buffer[1024];

/* Process 1024 bytes at a time... */
if (longcount < (word32) 1024)
bytecount = (int)longcount;
bytecount = 1024;
bytecount = fread(buffer, 1, bytecount, f);
if (bytecount>0)
{ MD5Update(mdContext, buffer, bytecount);
longcount -= bytecount;
/* if text block was short, exit loop */
} while (bytecount==1024);
} /* MDfile0_len */

/* Computes the message digest for a file from current position to EOF.
Uses the RSA Data Security Inc. MD5 Message Digest Algorithm */

int MDfile0(MD5_CTX *mdContext,FILE *inFile)
{ int bytes;
unsigned char buffer[1024];

while ((bytes = fread(buffer,1,1024,inFile)) != 0)

/* Computes the message digest for a specified file */

int MDfile(MD5_CTX *mdContext,char *filename)
FILE *inFile;
#ifdef VMS
inFile = fopen(filename,"rb","ctx=stm");
#else /* VMS */
inFile = fopen(filename,"rb");
#endif /* VMS */

if (inFile == NULL)
{ fprintf(pgpout,PSTR("\n\007Can't open file '%s'\n"),filename);
fclose (inFile);

/* Finish the MD5 calculation with an extra buffer implicitly appended
* to the data.
void MD_addbuffer (MD5_CTX *mdContext, byte *buf, int buflen, boolean finish)
if (finish)

/* End MD5 routines */

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Archive   : PGP20SRC.ZIP
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