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# makefile for PGP (unix)

# CFLAGS options:

# -DHIGHFIRST if building PGP on a big-endian system
# -DMPORTABLE if there is no assembly version of the mp_smul function
# -DDEBUG to include debugging information
# -Dfopen=myfopen
# if your fopen() doesn't like 'b' as the mode modifier
# -DNOTERMIO if your system has no termios
# -DDYN_ALLOC if your compiler does not support large static arrays
# -DSMALL_MEM if your machine has a small memory (required for MSDOS)
# For portability to small systems, WSIZE must not be set above 8192.

# Define one of:
# -DUNIT32 to use 32 bit units (use only with asm primitives)
# -DPORTABLE to build the portable version of the RSA primitives
# (ie if no optimized asm versions are available)
# The above two defines are incompatible.

# Define one of:
# -DMERRITT Merritt's modmult (fast on risc machines)
# -DPEASANT Russian peasant modulo multiply algorithm
# -DUPTON default: use Upton's modmult algorithm */

# Define one of:
# -DUSE_SELECT to use select() system call
# -DUSE_NBIO to use non-blocking read()

# To define the OS we are compiling under, define one of:


# must set byte order for targets "sysv" and "bsd"

CC = cc
LD = cc # Link command
LDFLAGS = # Flags for linker
CPP = $(CC) -E
MAKE = make

ASM = $(CC) # Assembler command
ASMFLAGS = -c # Flags for assembler

OBJS_EXT= # ASM obj. files
LIBS_EXT= # Libararies

PROJ =pgp

@echo "type:"
@echo " \"make sunspc\" for Sun with spc compiler"
@echo " \"make sungcc\" for Sun with GNU gcc"
@echo " \"make suncc\" for Sun with cc and unproto (first get unproto, unpack"
@echo " in subdirectory 'unproto')"
@echo " \"make sysv\" for SVR4"
@echo " \"make sysv_386\" for SVR4 386 with asm primitives"
@echo " \"make x286\" for XENIX/286 with asm primitives and unproto"
@echo " \"make ultrix\" for DEC 4.2BSD Ultrix"
@echo " \"make rs6000\" for RS6000 AIX"

all: $(PROJ)

80386.o: 80386.S
$(CPP) 80386.S > 80386.s
$(ASM) $(ASMFLAGS) 80386.s
rm -f 80386.s

8086.o: 8086.asm
cp 8086.asm 8086.s
$(ASM) $(ASMFLAGS) 8086.s
rm -f 8086.s

ZIPOBJS= zbits.o zdeflate.o zfile_io.o zglobals.o \
zinflate.o zip.o zipup.o ztrees.o zunzip.o

OBJ1 = pgp.o crypto.o keymgmt.o fileio.o \
mdfile.o more.o armor.o mpilib.o mpiio.o \
genprime.o rsagen.o random.o idea.o passwd.o \
md5.o system.o language.o getopt.o keyadd.o \
config.o keymaint.o charset.o


$(PROJ): $(OBJS)

$(MAKE) all CC=gcc LD=gcc OBJS_EXT=80386.o \

$(MAKE) all CC="ccspc -B/1.8.6/sun4 -ansi -w -I/usr/include" \

# Sun with gcc
$(MAKE) all CC=gcc LD=gcc OBJS_EXT=sparc.o \

# Sun with standard cc: compile with unproto
suncc: unproto/cpp
$(MAKE) all CC=cc LD=cc OBJS_EXT=sparc.o \

$(MAKE) all CPP=/usr/lib/cpp \

# optimized version with 80386.S
$(MAKE) all CPP=/usr/lib/cpp OBJS_EXT=80386.o \

# Xenix 286
$(MAKE) all CC="ccc.x286 -M2l" LD="cc -M2l" ASM="cc -M2l" \
OBJS_EXT=8086.o LDFLAGS="-F 3000" \
-DUSE_NBIO -Dstrstr=mystrstr"

# DEC Ultrix 4.2 BSD with gcc
# -DSIG_DFL=0 may be necessary because of gcc header problem
$(MAKE) all CC=gcc LD=gcc \


bsd_old: unproto/unproto
$(MAKE) all CC=./ccc LD=cc \
-I. -DNOTERMIO -Dstrstr=mystrstr"

# unproto for K&R compilers
# unproto was posted on comp.sources.misc: v23i012 v23i013
# unpack the unproto package in subdirectory unproto

# unproto: needs preprocessed input
cd unproto ; $(MAKE) PROG=unproto PIPE=

# cpp: pipes through /lib/cpp
cd unproto ; $(MAKE)

-rm -f *.o $(PROJ) core a.out tags

ctags *.c *.h

## Dependencies ##

config.o : config.c usuals.h pgp.h
crypto.o : crypto.c mpilib.h usuals.h mpiio.h random.h idea.h crypto.h \
keymgmt.h mdfile.h md5.h fileio.h language.h pgp.h
fileio.o : fileio.c random.h usuals.h mpilib.h mpiio.h fileio.h language.h \
genprime.o : genprime.c mpilib.h usuals.h genprime.h random.h
getopt.o : getopt.c
idea.o : idea.c idea.h usuals.h
keyadd.o : keyadd.c mpilib.h usuals.h idea.h random.h crypto.h fileio.h \
keymgmt.h genprime.h rsagen.h mpiio.h language.h pgp.h
keymaint.o : keymaint.c mpilib.h usuals.h random.h crypto.h fileio.h \
keymgmt.h mpiio.h language.h pgp.h
keymgmt.o : keymgmt.c mpilib.h usuals.h idea.h random.h crypto.h fileio.h \
keymgmt.h genprime.h rsagen.h mpiio.h language.h pgp.h
language.o : language.c language.h
mdfile.o : mdfile.c mpilib.h usuals.h mdfile.h md5.h language.h pgp.h
md5.o : md5.c md5.h
more.o : more.c mpilib.h usuals.h language.h fileio.h pgp.h
mpiio.o : mpiio.c mpilib.h usuals.h mpiio.h pgp.h
mpilib.o : mpilib.c mpilib.h usuals.h
passwd.o : passwd.c random.h usuals.h md5.h language.h pgp.h
armor.o : armor.c mpilib.h usuals.h fileio.h mpiio.h language.h pgp.h
pgp.o : pgp.c mpilib.h usuals.h random.h crypto.h fileio.h keymgmt.h \
language.h pgp.h
random.o : random.c random.h usuals.h language.h
rsagen.o : rsagen.c mpilib.h usuals.h genprime.h rsagen.h random.h
system.o : system.c


zbits.o : zbits.c zip.h ztailor.h ziperr.h
zdeflate.o : zdeflate.c zip.h ztailor.h ziperr.h
zfile_io.o : zfile_io.c zunzip.h
zglobals.o : zglobals.c zip.h ztailor.h ziperr.h
zinflate.o : zinflate.c zunzip.h
zip.o : zip.c usuals.h fileio.h language.h pgp.h
zipup.o : zipup.c zip.h ztailor.h ziperr.h zrevisio.h
ztrees.o : ztrees.c zip.h ztailor.h ziperr.h
zunzip.o : zunzip.c zunzip.h

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