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! (c) Copyright 1991-92 by Hugh Kennedy. All rights reserved.
! The author assumes no liability for damages resulting from the use
! of this software, even if the damage results from defects in this
! software. No warranty is expressed or implied.
! The above notwithstanding, a license to use this software is granted
! to anyone either in the original form or modified on condition that
! this notice is not removed.
! Options Flags:
! PGP_DEBUG - Define if you want the debug version
! PGP_GCC - Define to use GNU C instead of VAX C
! Modified: 03 Date: 21-Nov-1991 Author: Hugh A.J. Kennedy.
! Adapted to use new modules from release 1.3
! Modified: 04 Date: 11-Mar-1991 Author: Hugh A.J. Kennedy
! Add test harness program, RSATST as a target.
! Modified: 07 Date: 8-Apr-1992 Author: Hugh A.J. Kennedy
! Adapted for new modules from release 1.7.
! Change method of support for GCC (use one options file)
! Modified: 08 Date: 25-Jun-1992 Author: Hugh A.J. Kennedy.
! All change (again) for 1.8. Alphabetise module list for ease of comparison.
#CODE = pem # PEM or UU


MD = MD4


MD = MD5


WFLAGS = "strlen=mystrlen","strcpy=mystrcpy","strncpy=mystrncpy"
XFLAGS = /define=($(WFLAGS))

.ifdef PGP_GCC ! Use GNU CC Compiler

CCLIB = GNU_CC:[000000]GCCLIB/lib,

! Debugging Support
.ifdef PGP_DEBUG

MFLAGS = $(MFLAGS) /debug

.ifdef PGP_GCC ! Are we debugging AND using GCC?


.else ! No, Debugging with VAX C

DFLAGS = /debug/noopt



.else ! Not debugging

.ifdef PGP_GCC ! Use GCC w/o debug


.else ! Use VAX C w/o debug

DFLAGS = /debug/opt=noinline
LINKFLAGS = /debug


! ZIP Stuff
ZIPOBJS = zbits.obj zdeflate.obj zglobals.obj zinflate.obj zip.obj -
zipup.obj zfile_io.obj ztrees.obj zunzip.obj
ZIPH= zrevisio.h ztailor.h zunzip.h zip.h ziperr.h
zbits.obj : zbits.c $(ZIPH)
$(CC) $(DFLAGS) $(ZFLAGS) $(mms$source)
zdeflate.obj : zdeflate.c $(ZIPH)
$(CC) $(DFLAGS) $(ZFLAGS) $(mms$source)
zfile_io.obj : zfile_io.c $(ZIPH)
$(CC) $(DFLAGS) $(ZFLAGS) $(mms$source)
zglobals.obj : zglobals.c $(ZIPH)
$(CC) $(DFLAGS) $(ZFLAGS) $(mms$source)
zinflate.obj : zinflate.c $(ZIPH)
$(CC) $(DFLAGS) $(ZFLAGS) $(mms$source)
zip.obj : zip.c $(ZIPH)
$(CC) $(DFLAGS) $(ZFLAGS) $(mms$source)
zipup.obj : zipup.c $(ZIPH)
$(CC) $(DFLAGS) $(ZFLAGS) $(mms$source)
ztrees.obj : ztrees.c $(ZIPH)
$(CC) $(DFLAGS) $(ZFLAGS) $(mms$source)
zunzip.obj : zunzip.c $(ZIPH)
$(CC) $(DFLAGS) $(ZFLAGS) $(mms$source)
! PGP Stuff
armor.obj : armor.c
config.obj : config.c usuals.h pgp.h
CRYPTO.obj : mpilib.h mpiio.h random.h crypto.h -
keymgmt.h mdfile.h $(MD).h fileio.h pgp.h CRYPTO.C
idea.obj : idea.h pgp.h idea.c
FILEIO.obj : FILEIO.C random.h mpilib.h mpiio.h fileio.h pgp.h
getopt.obj : getopt.c
genprime.obj : genprime.c genprime.h mpilib.h random.h
keyadd.obj : mpilib.h random.h crypto.h fileio.h -
keymgmt.h genprime.h rsagen.h mpiio.h pgp.h language.h keyadd.c
keymaint.obj : mpilib.h random.h crypto.h fileio.h -
keymgmt.h genprime.h mpiio.h pgp.h language.h keymaint.c
KEYMGMT.obj : mpilib.h usuals.h random.h crypto.h -
fileio.h mpiio.h pgp.h KEYMGMT.C
$(MD).obj : $(MD).h $(MD).C
MDFILE.obj : mpilib.h mdfile.h $(MD).h pgp.h MDFILE.C
MORE.obj : MORE.C mpilib.h pgp.h
MPILIB.obj : MPILIB.C mpilib.h
passwd.obj : passwd.c random.h $(MD).h pgp.h
PGP.obj : mpilib.h random.h crypto.h fileio.h keymgmt.h pgp.h PGP.C
RANDOM.obj : random.h pgp.h RANDOM.C
rsagen.obj : rsagen.c mpilib.h genprime.h rsagen.h random.h
rsatst.obj : rsatst.c mpilib.h mpiio.h genprime.h rsagen.h random.h
vax.obj : vax.mar
! $(CC) $(DFLAGS) /define=("index=strchr",VMS)/opt=noinline system
! LZH.obj : mpilib.h mpiio.h LZH.C
rsatst.exe : rsatst.opt rsatst.obj mpilib.obj genprime.obj rsagen.obj -
mpiio.obj random.obj vax.obj system.obj language.obj fileio.obj
$(LINK) $(LINKFLAGS) rsatst/opt
OBJ1 = pgp.obj config.obj crypto.obj keymgmt.obj keyadd.obj, keymaint.obj, fileio.obj -
mdfile.obj more.obj armor.obj mpilib.obj mpiio.obj -
getopt.obj genprime.obj rsagen.obj random.obj idea.obj passwd.obj -
$(MD).obj system.obj language.obj vax.obj charset.obj

pgp.exe : pgp.opt $(OBJ1) $(ZIPOBJS)
assign/user $(MD).obj MD
$(LINK) $(LINKFLAGS) pgp/opt, $(CCLIB) VAXCRTL/opt

# assign/user $(CODE)code.obj CODE

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Archive   : PGP20SRC.ZIP
Filename : DESCRIP.MMS

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  2. This is so awesome! 😀 I’d be cool if you could download an entire archive of this at once, though.

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