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BADARGS function.c /^#define BADARGS(func) \\$/
DEBUGP2 implicit.c /^#define DEBUGP2(msg, a1, a2) \\$/
DEBUGPR make.h /^#define DEBUGPR(msg) \\$/
D_NAMLEN glob.c /^#define D_NAMLEN(d) strlen((d)->d_name)$/
ENUM_BITFIELD make.h /^#define ENUM_BITFIELD(bits) :bits$/
HASH make.h /^#define HASH(var, c) \\$/
Marscan arscan.c /^main (argc, argv)$/
Mglob glob.c /^main (argc, argv)$/
Mmain main.c /^main (argc, argv, envp)$/
TOUCH_ERROR remake.c /^#define TOUCH_ERROR(call) return (perror_with_name/
WCOREDUMP job.c /^#define WCOREDUMP(x) ((x) & 0x80)$/
WEXITSTATUS job.c /^#define WEXITSTATUS(x) (((x) >> 8) & 0xff)$/
WIFEXITED job.c /^#define WIFEXITED(x) (WTERMSIG (x) == 0)$/
WIFSIGNALED job.c /^#define WIFSIGNALED(x) (WTERMSIG (x) != 0)$/
WTERMSIG job.c /^#define WTERMSIG(x) ((x) & 0x7f)$/
alloca glob.c /^#define alloca(n) __builtin_alloca (n)$/
allocated_variable_expand expand.c /^allocated_variable_expand (line)$/
allocated_variable_expand_for_file expand.c /^allocated_variable_expand_for_file (line, file)$/
alpha_compare misc.c /^alpha_compare (s1, s2)$/
ar_member_date ar.c /^ar_member_date (name)$/
ar_member_date_1 ar.c /^ar_member_date_1 (desc, name, hdrpos, datapos, siz/
ar_member_pos arscan.c /^ar_member_pos (desc, name, hdrpos, datapos, size, /
ar_member_touch arscan.c /^ar_member_touch (arname, memname)$/
ar_name ar.c /^ar_name (name)$/
ar_name_equal arscan.c /^ar_name_equal (name, mem)$/
ar_scan arscan.c /^ar_scan (archive, function, arg)$/
ar_touch ar.c /^ar_touch (name)$/
bcmp arscan.c /^#define bcmp(s1, s2, n) memcmp ((s1), (s2), (n))$/
bcopy glob.c /^#define bcopy(s, d, n) ((void) memcpy ((d), (s), (/
block_children job.c /^block_children ()$/
build_vpath_lists vpath.c /^build_vpath_lists ()$/
bzero make.h /^#define bzero(s, n) memset ((s), 0, (n))$/
check_dep remake.c /^check_dep (file, depth, this_mtime, must_make_ptr)/
check_renamed file.h /^#define check_renamed(file) \\$/
child_error job.c /^child_error (target_name, exit_code, exit_sig, cor/
child_execute_job job.c /^child_execute_job (stdin_fd, stdout_fd, file, argv/
child_handler job.c /^child_handler (sig)$/
chop_commands commands.c /^chop_commands (cmds)$/
collapse_continuations misc.c /^collapse_continuations (line)$/
collapse_line misc.c /^collapse_line (line)$/
concat misc.c /^concat (s1, s2, s3)$/
conditional_line read.c /^conditional_line (line, filename, lineno)$/
construct_command_argv job.c /^construct_command_argv (line, file)$/
construct_include_path read.c /^construct_include_path (arg_dirs)$/
construct_vpath_list vpath.c /^construct_vpath_list (pattern, dirpath)$/
convert_to_pattern rule.c /^convert_to_pattern ()$/
copy_dep_chain misc.c /^copy_dep_chain (d)$/
count_implicit_rule_limits rule.c /^count_implicit_rule_limits ()$/
create_pattern_rule rule.c /^create_pattern_rule (targets, target_percents,$/
decode_env_switches main.c /^decode_env_switches (envar, len)$/
decode_switches main.c /^decode_switches (argc, argv)$/
define_automatic_variables variable.c /^define_automatic_variables ()$/
define_makeflags main.c /^define_makeflags (pf)$/
define_variable variable.c /^define_variable (name, length, value, origin, recu/
define_variable_for_file variable.c /^define_variable_for_file (name, length, value, ori/
define_variable_in_set variable.c /^define_variable_in_set (name, length, value, origi/
delete_child_targets commands.c /^delete_child_targets (child)$/
dep_name misc.c /^dep_name (dep)$/
describe_member arscan.c /^describe_member (desc, name, hdrpos, datapos, size/
die main.c /^die (status)$/
dir_file_exists_p dir.c /^dir_file_exists_p (dirname, filename)$/
dir_name dir.c /^dir_name (dir)$/
do_define read.c /^do_define (name, namelen, origin, lineno, infile, /
dup2 job.c /^dup2 (old, new)$/
end_of_token misc.c /^end_of_token (s)$/
enter_file file.c /^enter_file (name)$/
error misc.c /^error (s1, s2, s3, s4, s5, s6)$/
exec_command job.c /^exec_command (argv, envp, path, shell)$/
execute_file_commands commands.c /^execute_file_commands (file)$/
expand_argument expand.c /^expand_argument (str, end)$/
expand_function function.c /^expand_function (o, function, text, end)$/
f_mtime remake.c /^f_mtime (file, search)$/
fatal misc.c /^fatal (s1, s2, s3, s4, s5, s6)$/
fatal_error_signal commands.c /^fatal_error_signal (sig)$/
file_exists_p dir.c /^file_exists_p (name)$/
file_impossible dir.c /^file_impossible (filename)$/
file_impossible_p dir.c /^file_impossible_p (filename)$/
file_mtime file.h /^#define file_mtime(f) file_mtime_1 ((f), 1)$/
file_mtime_1 file.h /^#define file_mtime_1(f, v) \\$/
file_mtime_no_search file.h /^#define file_mtime_no_search(f) file_mtime_1 ((f),/
find_directory dir.c /^find_directory (name)$/
find_next_token misc.c /^find_next_token (ptr, lengthptr)$/
find_percent read.c /^find_percent (pattern)$/
find_semicolon read.c /^find_semicolon (string)$/
flags main.c /^flags () {}$/
free_child job.c /^free_child (child)$/
freebuffer read.c /^#define freebuffer(lb) free ((lb)->buffer)$/
freerule rule.c /^freerule (rule, lastrule)$/
getdtablesize job.c /^#define getdtablesize() NOFILE$/
getwd make.h /^#define getwd(buf) getcwd (buf, MAXPATHLEN - 2)$/
glob_dir_to_array glob.c /^glob_dir_to_array (dir, array)$/
glob_filename glob.c /^glob_filename (pathname)$/
glob_match glob.c /^glob_match (pattern, text, dot_special)$/
glob_match_after_star glob.c /^glob_match_after_star (pattern, text)$/
glob_pattern_p glob.c /^glob_pattern_p (pattern)$/
glob_vector glob.c /^glob_vector (pat, dir)$/
handle_function function.c /^handle_function (op, stringp)$/
if implicit.c /^ if (debug_flag) \\$/
index make.h /^#define index(s, c) strchr((s), (c))$/
init_siglist job.c /^init_siglist ()$/
initbuffer read.c /^#define initbuffer(lb) (lb)->buffer = (char \*) xma/
initialize_file_variables variable.c /^initialize_file_variables (file)$/
initialize_variable_output variable.c /^initialize_variable_output ()$/
install_default_implicit_rules default.c /^install_default_implicit_rules ()$/
install_pattern_rule rule.c /^install_pattern_rule (p, terminal)$/
library_file_mtime remake.c /^library_file_mtime (lib)$/
lindex misc.c /^lindex (s, limit, c)$/
load_average load.c /^load_average ()$/
log_working_directory main.c /^log_working_directory (entering)$/
lookup_file file.c /^lookup_file (name)$/
lookup_variable variable.c /^lookup_variable (name, length)$/
max variable.c /^#define max(a, b) \\$/
merge_variable_set_lists variable.c /^merge_variable_set_lists (setlist0, setlist1)$/
merge_variable_sets variable.c /^merge_variable_sets (set0, set1)$/
multi_glob read.c /^multi_glob (chain, size)$/
name_mtime remake.c /^name_mtime (name)$/
new_job job.c /^new_job (file)$/
new_pattern_rule rule.c /^new_pattern_rule (rule, override)$/
next_token misc.c /^next_token (s)$/
notice_finished_file remake.c /^notice_finished_file (file)$/
parse_file_seq read.c /^parse_file_seq (stringp, stopchar, size)$/
patsubst_expand function.c /^patsubst_expand (o, text, pattern, replace, patter/
pattern_matches function.c /^pattern_matches (pattern, percent, word)$/
pattern_search implicit.c /^pattern_search (file, name, depth, recursions)$/
perror_with_name misc.c /^perror_with_name (str, name)$/
pfatal_with_name misc.c /^pfatal_with_name (name)$/
pop_variable_scope variable.c /^pop_variable_scope ()$/
print_commands commands.c /^print_commands (cmds)$/
print_data_base main.c /^print_data_base ()$/
print_dir_data_base dir.c /^print_dir_data_base ()$/
print_file_data_base file.c /^print_file_data_base ()$/
print_file_variables variable.c /^print_file_variables (file)$/
print_rule_data_base rule.c /^print_rule_data_base ()$/
print_spaces misc.c /^print_spaces (n)$/
print_variable variable.c /^print_variable (v, prefix)$/
print_variable_data_base variable.c /^print_variable_data_base ()$/
print_variable_set variable.c /^print_variable_set (set, prefix)$/
print_version main.c /^print_version ()$/
print_vpath_data_base vpath.c /^print_vpath_data_base ()$/
push_new_variable_scope variable.c /^push_new_variable_scope ()$/
read_all_makefiles read.c /^read_all_makefiles (makefiles)$/
read_makefile read.c /^read_makefile (filename, type)$/
readline read.c /^readline (linebuffer, stream, filename)$/
record_files read.c /^record_files (filenames, pattern, pattern_percent,/
recursively_expand expand.c /^recursively_expand (v)$/
remake_file remake.c /^remake_file (file)$/
remove_intermediates file.c /^remove_intermediates (sig)$/
rename_file file.c /^rename_file (file, name)$/
restore_variable_output variable.c /^restore_variable_output (save)$/
rindex make.h /^#define rindex(s, c) strrchr((s), (c))$/
save_variable_output variable.c /^save_variable_output ()$/
savestring misc.c /^savestring (str, length)$/
search_path job.c /^search_path (file, path)$/
selective_vpath_search vpath.c /^selective_vpath_search (path, file)$/
set_default_suffixes default.c /^set_default_suffixes ()$/
set_file_variables commands.c /^set_file_variables (file)$/
sigmask commands.c /^#define sigmask(sig) (1 << ((sig) - 1))$/
sindex misc.c /^sindex (big, blen, small, slen)$/
snap_deps file.c /^snap_deps ()$/
start_job job.c /^start_job (child)$/
streq make.h /^#define streq(a, b) \\$/
string_glob function.c /^string_glob (line)$/
subst_expand function.c /^subst_expand (o, text, subst, replace, slen, rlen,/
target_environment variable.c /^target_environment (file)$/
touch_file remake.c /^touch_file (file)$/
try_implicit_rule implicit.c /^try_implicit_rule (file, depth)$/
try_variable_definition variable.c /^try_variable_definition (line, origin)$/
unblock_children job.c /^unblock_children ()$/
uniquize_deps read.c /^uniquize_deps (chain)$/
update_file remake.c /^update_file (file, depth)$/
update_file_1 remake.c /^update_file_1 (file, depth)$/
update_goal_chain remake.c /^update_goal_chain (goals, makefiles)$/
variable_buffer_output variable.c /^variable_buffer_output (ptr, string, length)$/
variable_expand expand.c /^variable_expand (line)$/
variable_expand_for_file expand.c /^variable_expand_for_file (line, file)$/
vpath_search vpath.c /^vpath_search (file)$/
wait_for_children job.c /^wait_for_children (n, err)$/
wait_to_start_job load.c /^wait_to_start_job ()$/
xmalloc misc.c /^xmalloc (size)$/
xrealloc misc.c /^xrealloc (ptr, size)$/

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Archive   : OHLMAKE.ZIP
Filename : TAGS.MK

  1. Very nice! Thank you for this wonderful archive. I wonder why I found it only now. Long live the BBS file archives!

  2. This is so awesome! 😀 I’d be cool if you could download an entire archive of this at once, though.

  3. But one thing that puzzles me is the “mtswslnkmcjklsdlsbdmMICROSOFT” string. There is an article about it here. It is definitely worth a read: