Category : C Source Code
Archive   : OHLMAKE.ZIP
Filename : MAKE.CP

Output of file : MAKE.CP contained in archive : OHLMAKE.ZIP
\entry {makefile}{17}{makefile}
\entry {comments}{17}{comments}
\entry {makefile names}{17}{makefile names}
\entry {names of makefiles}{17}{names of makefiles}
\entry {default makefile names}{17}{default makefile names}
\entry {-f}{18}{\code {-f}}
\entry {updating makefiles}{19}{updating makefiles}
\entry {remaking makefiles}{19}{remaking makefiles}
\entry {makefiles, remaking of}{19}{makefiles, remaking of}
\entry {overriding makefiles}{21}{overriding makefiles}
\entry {rule}{23}{rule}
\entry {target}{23}{target}
\entry {dependency}{23}{dependency}
\entry {wildcard}{24}{wildcard}
\entry {file name}{24}{file name}
\entry {{@fam @ttfam @tentt @char '176}}{24}{{@fam @ttfam @tentt @char '176}}
\entry {vpath}{27}{vpath}
\entry {search path for dependencies}{27}{search path for dependencies}
\entry {directory search}{27}{directory search}
\entry {phony targets}{30}{phony targets}
\entry {empty targets}{33}{empty targets}
\entry {special targets}{33}{special targets}
\entry {precious targets}{34}{precious targets}
\entry {static pattern rules}{35}{static pattern rules}
\entry {varying dependencies}{35}{varying dependencies}
\entry {double-colon rule}{38}{double-colon rule}
\entry {commands}{41}{commands}
\entry {echoing (of commands)}{41}{echoing (of commands)}
\entry {silent operation}{41}{silent operation}
\entry {{@sf @char '100} (in commands)}{41}{{@sf @char '100} (in commands)}
\entry {-s}{41}{\code {-s}}
\entry {execution}{42}{execution}
\entry {shell}{42}{shell}
\entry {parallel execution}{42}{parallel execution}
\entry {execution in parallel}{42}{execution in parallel}
\entry {job slots}{42}{job slots}
\entry {error (in commands)}{44}{error (in commands)}
\entry {- (in commands)}{44}{- (in commands)}
\entry {-i}{44}{\code {-i}}
\entry {interrupt}{45}{interrupt}
\entry {signal}{45}{signal}
\entry {deletion of target files}{45}{deletion of target files}
\entry {recursion}{45}{recursion}
\entry {environment and recursion}{47}{environment and recursion}
\entry {options and recursion}{48}{options and recursion}
\entry {setting options from the environment}{49}{setting options from the environment}
\entry {options, setting from the environment}{49}{options, setting from the environment}
\entry {setting options in makefiles}{49}{setting options in makefiles}
\entry {options, setting in makefiles}{49}{options, setting in makefiles}
\entry {sequences of commands}{49}{sequences of commands}
\entry {empty commands}{50}{empty commands}
\entry {variable}{53}{variable}
\entry {value}{53}{value}
\entry {recursive variable expansion}{53}{recursive variable expansion}
\entry {simple variable expansion}{53}{simple variable expansion}
\entry {flavors (of variables)}{54}{flavors (of variables)}
\entry {recursive variable expansion}{54}{recursive variable expansion}
\entry {reference to variables}{56}{reference to variables}
\entry {modified variable reference}{56}{modified variable reference}
\entry {substitution variable reference}{56}{substitution variable reference}
\entry {nested variable reference}{57}{nested variable reference}
\entry {computed variable name}{57}{computed variable name}
\entry {variable reference, nested}{57}{variable reference, nested}
\entry {setting variables}{60}{setting variables}
\entry {=}{60}{=}
\entry {:=}{60}{:=}
\entry {overriding with override}{61}{overriding with \code {override}}
\entry {environment}{62}{environment}
\entry {conditionals}{65}{conditionals}
\entry {function}{69}{function}
\entry {$ (function call)}{69}{$ (function call)}
\entry {arguments}{69}{arguments}
\entry {command expansion}{78}{command expansion}
\entry {backquotes}{78}{backquotes}
\entry {goal}{79}{goal}
\entry {touching files}{81}{touching files}
\entry {-t}{81}{\code {-t}}
\entry {-n}{81}{\code {-n}}
\entry {-q}{81}{\code {-q}}
\entry {question mode}{81}{question mode}
\entry {-W}{81}{\code {-W}}
\entry {what if}{81}{what if}
\entry {-o}{82}{\code {-o}}
\entry {overriding variables with arguments}{83}{overriding variables with arguments}
\entry {testing compilation}{84}{testing compilation}
\entry {-k}{84}{\code {-k}}
\entry {options}{84}{options}
\entry {flags}{84}{flags}
\entry {implicit rule}{87}{implicit rule}
\entry {flags for compilers}{91}{flags for compilers}
\entry {chains of rules}{93}{chains of rules}
\entry {intermediate file}{93}{intermediate file}
\entry {preserving intermediate files with .PRECIOUS}{94}{preserving intermediate files with .PRECIOUS}
\entry {pattern rule}{94}{pattern rule}
\entry {automatic variables}{97}{automatic variables}
\entry {stem}{98}{stem}
\entry {match-anything rule}{99}{match-anything rule}
\entry {terminal rule}{99}{terminal rule}
\entry {suffix rules}{102}{suffix rules}
\entry {archive}{107}{archive}
\entry {archive member targets}{107}{archive member targets}
\entry {{@fam @ttfam @tentt @char '137}{@fam @ttfam @tentt @char '137}.SYMDEF}{108}{{@fam @ttfam @tentt @char '137}{@fam @ttfam @tentt @char '137}.SYMDEF}

  3 Responses to “Category : C Source Code
Archive   : OHLMAKE.ZIP
Filename : MAKE.CP

  1. Very nice! Thank you for this wonderful archive. I wonder why I found it only now. Long live the BBS file archives!

  2. This is so awesome! 😀 I’d be cool if you could download an entire archive of this at once, though.

  3. But one thing that puzzles me is the “mtswslnkmcjklsdlsbdmMICROSOFT” string. There is an article about it here. It is definitely worth a read: