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User-visible changes in GNU Make, excluding bug fixes, since version 3.05:

Version 3.58

* Suffix rules may have dependencies (which are ignored).

Version 3.57

* Dependencies of the form `-lLIB' are searched for as /usr/local/lib/libLIB.a
as well as libLIB.a in /usr/lib, /lib, the current directory, and VPATH.

Version 3.55

* There is now a Unix man page for GNU Make. It is certainly not a replacement
for the Texinfo manual, but it documents the basic functionality and the
switches. For full documentation, you should still read the Texinfo manual.
Thanks to Dennis Morse of Stanford University for contributing the initial
version of this.

* Variables which are defined by default (e.g., `CC') will no longer be put
into the environment for child processes. (If these variables are reset by the
environment, makefiles, or the command line, they will still go into the

* GNU Make will no longer go into an infinite loop when fed the horrid trash
that passes for makefiles that `imake' produces (so you can compile X, despite
the extreme stubbornness and irrationality of its maintainers).

* There is no longer a warning for using the `vpath' directive with an explicit
pathname (instead of a `%' pattern).

Version 3.51

* When removing intermediate files, only one `rm' command line is printed,
listing all file names.

* There are now automatic variables `$(^D)', `$(^F)', `$(?D)', and `$(?F)'.
These are the directory-only and file-only versions of `$^' and `$?'.

* Library dependencies given as `-lNAME' will use "libNAME.a" in the current
directory if it exists.

* The automatic variable `$($/)' is no longer defined.

* Leading `+' characters on a command line make that line be executed even
under -n, -t, or -q (as if the line contained `$(MAKE)').

* For command lines containing `$(MAKE)', `${MAKE}', or leading `+' characters,
only those lines are executed, not their entire rules.
(This is how Unix make behaves for lines containing `$(MAKE)' or `${MAKE}'.)

Version 3.50

* Filenames in rules will now have ~ and ~USER expanded.

* The `-p' output has been changed so it can be used as a makefile.
(All information that isn't specified by makefiles is prefaced with comment

Version 3.49

* The % character can be quoted with backslash in implicit pattern rules,
static pattern rules, `vpath' directives, and `patsubst', `filter', and
`filter-out' functions. A warning is issued if a `vpath' directive's
pattern contains no %.

* The `wildcard' variable expansion function now expands ~ and ~USER.

* Messages indicating failed commands now contain the target name:
make: *** [target] Error 1

* The `-p' output format has been changed somewhat to look more like
makefile rules and to give all information that Make has about files.

Version 3.48

Version 3.47

* The `-l' switch with no argument removes any previous load-average limit.

* When the `-w' switch is in effect, and Make has updated makefiles,
it will write a `Leaving directory' messagfe before re-executing itself.
This makes the `directory change tracking' changes to Emacs's compilation
commands work properly.

Version 3.46

* The automatic variable `$*' is now defined for explicit rules,
as it is in Unix make.

Version 3.45

* The `-j' switch is now put in the MAKEFLAGS and MFLAGS variables when
specified without an argument (indicating infinite jobs).
The `-l' switch is not always put in the MAKEFLAGS and MFLAGS variables.

* Make no longer checks hashed directories after running commands.
The behavior implemented in 3.41 caused too much slowdown.

Version 3.44

* A dependency is NOT considered newer than its dependent if
they have the same modification time. The behavior implemented
in 3.43 conflicts with RCS.

Version 3.43

* Dependency loops are no longer fatal errors.

* A dependency is considered newer than its dependent if
they have the same modification time.

Version 3.42

* The variables F77 and F77FLAGS are now set by default to $(FC) and
$(FFLAGS). Makefiles designed for System V make may use these variables in
explicit rules and expect them to be set. Unfortunately, there is no way to
make setting these affect the Fortran implicit rules unless FC and FFLAGS
are not used (and these are used by BSD make).

Version 3.41

* Make now checks to see if its hashed directories are changed by commands.
Other makes that hash directories (Sun, 4.3 BSD) don't do this.

Version 3.39

* The `shell' function no longer captures standard error output.

Version 3.32

* A file beginning with a dot can be the default target if it also contains
a slash (e.g., `../bin/foo'). (Unix make allows this as well.)

Version 3.31

* Archive member names are truncated to 15 characters.

* Yet more USG stuff.

* Minimal support for Microport System V (a 16-bit machine and a
brain-damaged compiler). This has even lower priority than other USG
support, so if it gets beyond trivial, I will take it out completely.

* Revamped default implicit rules (not much visible change).

* The -d and -p options can come from the environment.

Version 3.30

* Improved support for USG and HPUX (hopefully).

* A variable reference like `$(foo:a=b)', if `a' contains a `%', is
equivalent to `$(patsubst a,b,$(foo))'.

* Defining .DEFAULT with no deps or commands clears its commands.

* New default implicit rules for .S (cpp, then as), and .sh (copy and make
executable). All default implicit rules that use cpp (even indirectly), use

Version 3.29

* Giving the -j option with no arguments gives you infinite jobs.

Version 3.28

* New option: "-l LOAD" says not to start any new jobs while others are
running if the load average is not below LOAD (a floating-point number).

* There is support in place for implementations of remote command execution
in Make. See the file remote.c.

Version 3.26

* No more than 10 directories will be kept open at once.
(This number can be changed by redefining MAX_OPEN_DIRECTORIES in dir.c.)

Version 3.25

* Archive files will have their modification times recorded before doing
anything that might change their modification times by updating an archive

Version 3.20

* The `MAKELEVEL' variable is defined for use by makefiles.

Version 3.19

* The recursion level indications in error messages are much shorter than
they were in version 3.14.

Version 3.18

* Leading spaces before directives are ignored (as documented).

* Included makefiles can determine the default goal target.
(System V Make does it this way, so we are being compatible).

Version 3.14.

* Variables that are defaults built into Make will not be put in the
environment for children. This just saves some environment space and,
except under -e, will be transparent to sub-makes.

* Error messages from sub-makes will indicate the level of recursion.

* Hopefully some speed-up for large directories due to a change in the
directory hashing scheme.

* One child will always get a standard input that is usable.

* Default makefiles that don't exist will be remade and read in.

Version 3.13.

* Count parentheses inside expansion function calls so you can
have nested calls: `$(sort $(foreach x,a b,$(x)))'.

Version 3.12.

* Several bug fixes, including USG and Sun386i support.

* `shell' function to expand shell commands a la `

* If the `-d' flag is given, version information will be printed.

* The `-c' option has been renamed to `-C' for compatibility with tar.

* The `-p' option no longer inhibits other normal operation.

* Makefiles will be updated and re-read if necessary.

* Can now run several commands at once (parallelism), -j option.

* Error messages will contain the level of Make recursion, if any.

* The `MAKEFLAGS' and `MFLAGS' variables will be scanned for options after
makefiles are read.

* A double-colon rule with no dependencies will always have its commands run.
(This is how both the BSD and System V versions Make do it.)

Version 3.05

Local Variables:
version-control: never

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