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NDTOUCH version 2.0
Copyright (C) 1986 D. G. Kneller
All rights reserved.

Program Description

Update the time of a file to be the current system time.


touch [ -cfv ] [ -d mm-dd-yyyy ] [ -t hh:mm:ss ] file ...

The [ ] delimit optional flags.


Touch attempts to set the time of each existing file to the
current system time. If the file exists, the touch will occur only if
it is not read-only (but see the -f option below). If a file does not
exist, an attempt will be made to create it unless the -c option is
specified. The -f option will try to force the touch regardless of
whether or not the file is read-only. The -v option turns on verbose
mode and touch will report each file it touches.

-d and -t allow specification of the date and time to be used
instead of the system date and time. The format of the date and time
options is like that of the DOS date and time commands. For the date,
yyyy may be just 2 digits (eg. 86) in which case 1986 is inferred.
Partial dates and times can be used (eg -t 8 sets the time to 8:00:00,
-d 3 sets the date to 03-01-80, which may not be too useful).

This is based on the UNIX(tm) program of the same name.
Wildcards can appear in the list of file names.

UNIX is a registered trademark of Bell Laboratories.

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