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MicroSPELL 1.0 Release Notes July 22, 1987


(C)opyright 1987 by Daniel M. Lawrence
MicroSPELL 1.0 can be copied and distributed freely for any
non-commercial purposes. MicroSPELL 1.0 can only be incorporated
into commercial software with the permission of the current author.



MicroSPELL is a stand alone spell checker which scans text files
and reports on misspelled words. It has a 1000 word common word list
and a 43,000 word main dictionary. Multiple user dictionaries can also
be used during a spell check.

MicroSPELL will run on any MSDOS machine, on AMIGA 1000s, Atari
STs, several different flavors of UNIX and on the IBM 370 series
mainframe under CMS.

This can also be used in conjunction with a MicroEMACS 3.9 macro
(scan.cmd) which steps through the source file, stopping at each suspect
word and allowing the user to dispose of it in different ways. (An
XEDIT script on the IBM 370 will be availible in September 87 to do this
as well).

There are two stand alone utilities that are used to maintaine
the dictionary. DMERGE will merge a text file of words and the main
compressed dictionary into a new text dictionary. CDICT will take a
text dectionary and create a new compressed dictionary.


There is not much right now. There will be more later. Check
the spell.txt file for a quick summary of how to use SPELL.


The various files need to be somewhere in the executable path on
machines that have paths. On machines which don't, the files need to be
placed in a directory listed in the DPATH.H file. Once all the files
are there, they should work without other problems.

On the ATARI ST, make sure to install spell.prg as a TOS TAKES
PARAMETERS application via the install application menu entery from the
GEM desktop. On the AMIGA, spell is best invoked from the CLI command


MicroSPELL 1.0 is availible in a couple of different ways.
First, it is availible via my bulletin board system.....

The Programmer's Room
FIDO 201/2
(317) 742-5533
24 hours 300/1200 baud

Also it should be online on the following BBS's:

The Starship Trooper Fido 201/1 (317) 423-2281 2400
Duncan Communications (317) 567-2143 2400

There it is arranged as a number of .ARC files, SPELLDOC.ARC
which contains the documentation and dictionary files, SPELLSRC.ARC
which has all the sources and SMSDOS.ARC, SATARI.ARC and SAMIGA.ARC
which contains the executables for various machines. Also all the
various executables are available individually.

SPELLDOC.ARC includes the files:

README This file
DICT.DCT Compressed Main dictionary (apx 43,000 words)
COMMON.TXT Common word list (apx 1000 words)
SCAN.CMD MicroEMACS 3.9 command file used to scan
spelled document files
SPELL.MSS Preliminary document in MicroSCRIBE form
SPELL.TXT Preliminary document in text form

SPELLSRC.ARC includes the files:

DDEF.H Global variable definitions
DOPT.H Compile OPTIONS file
DPATH.H Path list to find dictionary files
DSFX.H Suffix list
DSTRUCT.H Structure declarations

CDICT.C Compress dictionary main program
CHECK.C Check source words vs main dictionary
COMMON.C Common word list routines
DMERGE.C Dictionary merge main program
IBMPC.C Prototype (NOT USED) screen driver for later
MAIN.C SPELL main program
MDICT.C Main dictionary functions
QUICK.C Quicksort functions
SOURCE.C Source file parsing routines
USER.C User word list file functions

Each executable archive includes the files:

SPELL.EXE Spell checker
DMERGE.EXE Dictionary merge program
CDICT.EXE Dictionary compress program

and these executable archives are availible:

SATARI.ARC Atari 520/1040ST
SAMIGA.ARC Commodore Amiga 1000


I will support these programs, and encourage everyone to spread
them around as much as they can. If you make what you think are changes
that are useful to many, send me the updates, and as time permits, I
will incorporate the ones I understand, and agree with into the master
sources. Being overwhelmed with mailers, I have discontinued my mailing
offer, but if you have a special problem getting hold of MicroSPELL,
contact me and we can work something out for you.

USmail: Daniel Lawrence
617 New York St
Lafayette, IN 47901

UUCP: ihnp4!pur-ee!pur-phy!duncan!lawrence
or ihnp4!itivax!duncan!lawrence
ARPA: [email protected]
FIDO: The Programmer's Room 201/2
(317) 742-5533
ATT: (317) 742-5153


While I am not soliciting them, I will not turn down donations
of machinery and or funds to help sponsor development on these programs.

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