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Filename : PUTSC.ASM

Output of file : PUTSC.ASM contained in archive : MIKES40C.ZIP
page ,132
title putsc.asm - no snow screen update routine

;* No-snow screen display routine *
;* This routine moves screen data from a user buffer to the *
;* screen buffer during horizontal retrace time, resulting in *
;* no screen flicker. *
;* *
;* definition: *
;* void putsc (char *,int,int,int); *
;* char * buffer /* data, attribute buffer *
;* int start_of_buff /* row*80 + col *
;* int length /* # of col *
;* int page /* video page *
;* *
;* note: designed for use with Microsoft 'C' (4.0) *
;* *
;* edit date: 07/15/85 by Mike Elkins *

_text segment byte public 'code'
assume cs:_text

public _putsc
_putsc proc near ;far

; buffer = +6 +4 from each if near
; offset = +10 +6 for near
; length = +12 +8 for near
; page = +14 +10 for near

push bp ;save calling environment
mov bp,sp
push si
push di
push ds

mov ah,15 ;get current mode
int 10h ;system video
mov dx,3BAh ;monochrome port address
mov di,[bp+6] ;offset for buffer
add di,di ;correct for attribute bytes
cmp al,7 ;is b/w?
je movmno ;skip pages for mono
mov dx,3DAh ;color port
mov ax,0B800h
mov bx,[bp+10] ;get page
cmp bx,0
je mov001 ;page 0
mov ax,0B900h
cmp bx,1
je mov001 ;page 1
mov ax,0BA00h
cmp bx,2
je mov001 ;page 2
mov ax,0BB00h ;page 3
jmp mov001

movmno: mov ax,0B000h ;set for mono address
mov001: mov es,ax

;far lds si,[bp+6] ;source buffer pointer
mov si,[bp+4] ;source buffer pointer
mov cx,[bp+8] ;block length

in al,dx ;screen status
test al,1 ;is 'high'?
jnz mov002 ;yes - wait
mov004: in al,dx ;screen status
test al,1 ;is 'low'?
jz mov004 ;yes - wait
movsw ;mov bytes to screen
loop mov002

pop ds
pop di
pop si
pop bp

_putsc endp

_text ends


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Archive   : MIKES40C.ZIP
Filename : PUTSC.ASM

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  2. This is so awesome! 😀 I’d be cool if you could download an entire archive of this at once, though.

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