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The Mouse Cursor Design Tool requires at least an EGA graphics card that can
display 16 colors simultaneously and a Microsoft-compatible mouse.

The mouse cursor design tool is very easy to use. It has a built-in help
feature that allows you to get help on any specific function you desire.
To access this feature, click on the Help button, then click on any control
panel button or area on the screen you would like help with.

It would be a good idea to go through all of the important screen areas, as
well as all of the control panel buttons using the help facility before you
start designing cursors. This way, you will be familiar with what the program
does and what each control panel button can do for you. Then, once you have
a good idea about the program, you can get to work designing custom mouse

You may use these cursors in any of your applications, including programs
that you recieve renumeration for, provided you have the registered version
of this program. To find out how to register, as well as all of the things
you will recieve as a registered user, please read the file ORDER.ME.

Files you should have received with the shareware version are listed below:

MCDT.EXE The Mouse Cursor Design Tool program (shareware version)
MCDT.DOC This document
ORDER.ME Ordering information

Some of the files you will receive with the registered version are:

MCDT.EXE A personalized, most up-to-date edition of the Mouse Cursor
Design Tool.
REFERENCE.DOC A 2300+ line complete reference guide that shows you how
to use custom mouse support with your programs, including
generously commented example source code.
REGMCDT.DOC A complete document on disk that expands on the help
provided with the on-line help feature in the MCDT.
ORDER.ME Ordering information (for your friends, etc.)
*.CUR One dozen pre-made mouse cursors, ready for use.
EXAMPLE1.C A program that shows you how to implement mouse interface
into your programs, as well as how to use the cursors
created by MCDT in your code. A must!
EXAMPLE1.EXE The ready-to-run (already compiled) version of EXAMPLE1.C,
compiled with debug information so that you can step
through the code to see what is going on!

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Archive   : MCDT101.ZIP
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  2. This is so awesome! 😀 I’d be cool if you could download an entire archive of this at once, though.

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