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tree.h -- tree function header file


#define BOOLEAN int
#define TRUE 1
#define FALSE 0

#define MALLOC(x) ((x *) malloc(sizeof(x)))
#define CALLOC(n,x) ((x *) calloc(n,sizeof(x)))

* the calling program must declare a structure of type "T_DATA"
* that serves as the data for each node of the tree. Note also
* that the traversal functions (preorder, inorder, postorder)
* expect to be passed a pointer to a function that will be
* executed each pass through the ordering function.

struct NODE
{ struct T_DATA *N_DATA;
struct NODE *L_CHILD;
struct NODE *R_CHILD;
struct NODE *PARENT;
typedef struct NODE NODE_T;

#ifndef NARGS
extern char *malloc(unsigned);
extern char *calloc(unsigned,unsigned);
extern NODE_T *inst_node(struct T_DATA *,NODE_T *);
extern NODE_T *inst_tree(struct T_DATA *);
extern int add_child(NODE_T *, struct T_DATA *);
extern int adopt(NODE_T *, NODE_T *);
extern NODE_T *find_root(NODE_T *);
BOOLEAN is_leaf(NODE_T *);
BOOLEAN is_root(NODE_T *);
void preorder(NODE_T *, void (*)(NODE_T *));
void inorder(NODE_T *, void (*)(NODE_T *));
void postorder(NODE_T *, void (*)(NODE_T *));
extern char *malloc();
extern char *calloc();
extern NODE_T *inst_node();
extern NODE_T *inst_tree();
extern int add_child();
extern int adopt();
extern NODE_T *find_root();
BOOLEAN is_leaf();
BOOLEAN is_root();
void preorder();
void inorder();
void postorder();

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Archive   : LLIST102.ZIP
Filename : TREE.H

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