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ICONVERT Version 1.0 by Patrick Mitchel 10/12/93

Iconvert is a simple utility to convert Microsoft Windows Icons, into CONST
images for use with the Fastgraph routines FG_DRWIMAGE and FG_PUTIMAGE.

I find it easy to use MS windows icons, because they are easy to edit, save
and most of all, there are 1000's of neat ones out there you can use for
buttons, or whatever, in your own GUI's!

ICONVERT will create either 16 or 256 Color mode-specific bitmaps.
The CONST files are placed in the directory with the *.ICO file itself.

The easiest way to figure out how to use them is to examine the demo
program, and the header section that is in each file.

16 Color CONST files are saved as .16
256 Color CONST files are saved as .256

This program is given to the public domain as FREEWARE, in thanks for all
the great stuff I have gotten over the years!


ICONVERT.EXE {executable for ICON conversion}
ICONVERT.DOC {this document}
IC_DEMO.EXE {demo program}
IC_DEMO.PAS {demo source}
DRFRANK.ICO {Icon used in demo program}

Please send me any bug information on the Fastgraph BBS, or through
compuserve 72400,2215---thank you!

(ICONVERT was written using Turbo Technojocks Toolkit)


Update History:

10/13/93 : Fixed minor bug with writing of the ASCII file to
"INCLUDE" with your source code. Had to do with
putting 2 sets of {{}} brackets inside each other
in the header of the file. It's all better now!