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#include "mm.h"

long *NuHndl(theSize)
int theSize;

rets a hndl to a blk of mem of size "blk + hdr" if enough heap
space is available. Otherwise, it rets a NIL ptr. Note: in order to
access the data area of the allocated hndl, the user app must offset
by a value equal to the blk hdr in bytes.

calling params:
blk size in bytes

return params:
hndl | NIL
Author: Byro
Creation: 01/09/91
Modified: 01/21/91


int emptyHndl = ZERO;
long *aHndl = NIL;
unsigned long myTemp;

extern long gMPTsize,

/* chk free space, if enough or ret location of free hndl */

if (ComputeFree((long) theSize, &emptyHndl) != NO_ERR)

/* chk to see if mpt full and ret if true */

if (emptyHndl == ZERO)

/* load hndl and adrs of mem; var myTemp needed to avoid add errs */

myTemp = (unsigned long) gTableSizeCountAdrs + (emptyHndl * BYTE_OFFSET);
aHndl = (long *) myTemp;
myTemp = (unsigned long) gTableSizeCountAdrs + ((gMPTsize + 1) * BYTE_OFFSET);
*aHndl = myTemp; /* free space above mpt */

/* setup data struct to nu blk */

if (UpdateBlk(aHndl, theSize) != NO_ERR)

/* compact heap */

if (CompactHeap() != NO_ERR)


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Archive   : HEAPMAN.ZIP
Filename : NUHNDL.C

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