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* $Id: hash.h,v 1.1 90/09/24 23:58:38 chris Exp $
* Hash table entries keep track of name (or id) = value pairs.
* Values are simply pointers. Hash tables themselves are named
* (for debugging).

struct hashtab;

* The `ins' functions return nonzero if the old value existed,
* without changing the value.
* The iterate functions calls a given function with name,value
* or id,value pairs.
struct hashtab *ht_new(); /* given name, create new hash table */
char *ht_nget(); /* given table and name, get value */
char *ht_iget(); /* given table and ID, get value */
int ht_nins(); /* given table and name, insert new value */
int ht_iins(); /* given table and id, insert new value */
void ht_niterate(); /* given table and function, iterate */
void ht_iiterate(); /* given table and function, iterate */

* Some things that ought not to be here, but are anyway.
* goodnumber() takes a number of objects and a size and returns
* a new number of objects, such that malloc(goodnumber(n,size)*size)
* calls malloc with a `good' size value (resulting in less wasted
* memory). emalloc is malloc with program-abort on out-of-memory.
* string() makes a `read-only' copy of a string, reusing the previous
* copy if any.
int goodnumber(); /* given n & sizeof, return new n */
char *emalloc(); /* malloc, exit on error */
char *string(); /* make an `ideal' copy of a string */

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Archive   : HASHTAB.ZIP
Filename : HASH.H

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