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Program to change GIF screen size and reposition images. No test is made to
make sure changes will generate valid GIF files (i.e. images are still
confined to screen etc.)


Usage: GifPos [-s Width Height] [-i Left Top] [-n n Left Top] [-h] GifFile

If no GifFile is given, GifPos will try to read stdin for GIF file.

Memory required:



1. [-s Width Height] : set the new screen dimensions, so for example
'-s 1000 800' will set screen to width of 1000 and height of 800.
2. [-i Left Top] : set image relative to screen position, so for example
'-i 100 80' will set image left position to 100 and top position to 80.
This sets the position of the first image only.
3. [-n n Left Top] : set image n relative to screen position, so for
example '-n 3 100 80' will set the third image position as in 2.
4. [-h] : print one command line help, similar to Usage above.