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Program to combine 2 GIF images of exactly same size, into one. The color maps
are merged and the result should not exceed 256 colors. A boolean mask GIF
file can be used to set which pixel from two images to use each location.
Otherwise any background color from first image is converted to second image
color at that point. Only first image of each file is combined, which again
all file first images must be of exactly the same size.


Usage: GifComb [-m MaskGIFFile] [-h] GifFiles

Two GIF files must be specified although the mask GIF file is optional.

Memory required:



1. [-m MaskGIFFile] : the MaskGIFfile can be regular GIF file whose first
image has same dimensions as the combined images. Any non background color
in it will select Image 1 Pixel to output, otherwise Image2 pixel will be
selected. Usually this image will be boolean (two colors only) but does
not have to be!
2. [-h] : print one command line help, similar to Usage above.