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Output of file : FRACTINT.MAK contained in archive : FRASRC18.ZIP

# Note that frachelp.mak and fractint.mak can't be combined into a single
# make file because with MSC6 we need to use "NMK", to have enough memory
# available for the compiler. NMK would not trigger subsequent recompiles
# due to a rebuild of helpdefs.h file if we used a single step.

# the following klooge lets us define an alternate link/def file for
# the new overlay structure available under MSC7

!ifdef C7
DEFFILE = fractint.def
LINKFILE = fractint.ln7
LINKER="link /dynamic:1024 $(LINKER)"
LINKFILE = fractint.lnk

# Next is a pseudo-target for nmake/nmk. It just generates harmless
# warnings with make.

all : fractint.exe

$(AS) $*;
# for Quick Assembler
# $(AS) $*.asm

$(CC) /AM /W1 /FPi /c $(OptT) $*.c

Optsize = $(CC) /AM /W1 /FPi /c $(OptS) $*.c

Optnoalias = $(CC) /AM /W1 /FPi /c $(OptN) $*.c

lorenz.obj : lorenz.c fractint.h fractype.h

lsys.obj : lsys.c fractint.h

lsysa.obj: lsysa.asm

plot3d.obj : plot3d.c fractint.h fractype.h

3d.obj : 3d.c fractint.h

fractals.obj : fractals.c fractint.h fractype.h mpmath.h helpdefs.h

fractalp.obj : fractalp.c fractint.h fractype.h mpmath.h helpdefs.h

calcfrac.obj : calcfrac.c fractint.h mpmath.h

miscfrac.obj : miscfrac.c fractint.h mpmath.h

fracsubr.obj : fracsubr.c fractint.h

jiim.obj : jiim.c

fracsuba.obj : fracsuba.asm

parser.obj : parser.c fractint.h mpmath.h

parserfp.obj : parserfp.c fractint.h mpmath.h

parsera.obj: parsera.asm
# for MASM
$(AS) /e parsera;
# for QuickAssembler
# $(AS) /FPi parsera.asm

calcmand.obj : calcmand.asm

calmanfp.obj : calmanfp.asm
# for MASM
$(AS) /e calmanfp;
# for QuickAssembler
# $(AS) /FPi calmanfp.asm

cmdfiles.obj : cmdfiles.c fractint.h

loadfile.obj : loadfile.c fractint.h fractype.h

loadfdos.obj : loadfdos.c fractint.h helpdefs.h

decoder.obj : decoder.c fractint.h

diskvid.obj : diskvid.c fractint.h

encoder.obj : encoder.c fractint.h fractype.h

fr8514a.obj : fr8514a.asm

hgcfra.obj : hgcfra.asm

fractint.obj : fractint.c fractint.h fractype.h helpdefs.h

video.obj : video.asm

general.obj : general.asm

gifview.obj : gifview.c fractint.h

tgaview.obj : tgaview.c fractint.h targa_lc.h port.h

help.obj : help.c fractint.h helpdefs.h helpcom.h

intro.obj : intro.c fractint.h helpdefs.h

line3d.obj : line3d.c fractint.h

newton.obj : newton.asm
$(AS) /e newton;

printer.obj : printer.c fractint.h

printera.obj : printera.asm

prompts1.obj : prompts1.c fractint.h fractype.h helpdefs.h

prompts2.obj : prompts2.c fractint.h fractype.h helpdefs.h

rotate.obj : rotate.c fractint.h helpdefs.h

editpal.obj : editpal.c fractint.h

testpt.obj: testpt.c fractint.h

targa.obj : targa.c targa.h fractint.h

loadmap.obj : loadmap.c targa.h fractint.h

yourvid.obj : yourvid.c

fpu387.obj : fpu387.asm

fpu087.obj : fpu087.asm
$(AS) /e fpu087;

f16.obj : f16.c targa_lc.h

mpmath_c.obj : mpmath_c.c mpmath.h

hcmplx.obj : hcmplx.c fractint.h

mpmath_a.obj : mpmath_a.asm

jb.obj : jb.c fractint.h helpdefs.h

zoom.obj : zoom.c fractint.h

miscres.obj : miscres.c fractint.h fractype.h helpdefs.h

miscovl.obj : miscovl.c fractint.h fractype.h helpdefs.h

realdos.obj : realdos.c fractint.h helpdefs.h

tplus.obj : tplus.c tplus.h

tplus_a.obj : tplus_a.asm

lyapunov.obj : lyapunov.asm
$(AS) /e lyapunov;

tp3d.obj : tp3d.c fractint.h

slideshw.obj : slideshw.c

fractint.exe : fractint.obj help.obj loadfile.obj encoder.obj gifview.obj \
general.obj calcmand.obj calmanfp.obj fractals.obj fractalp.obj calcfrac.obj \
testpt.obj decoder.obj rotate.obj yourvid.obj prompts1.obj prompts2.obj parser.obj \
parserfp.obj parsera.obj diskvid.obj line3d.obj 3d.obj newton.obj cmdfiles.obj \
intro.obj slideshw.obj jiim.obj miscfrac.obj \
targa.obj loadmap.obj printer.obj printera.obj fracsubr.obj fracsuba.obj \
video.obj tgaview.obj f16.obj fr8514a.obj loadfdos.obj \
hgcfra.obj fpu087.obj fpu387.obj mpmath_c.obj mpmath_a.obj \
lorenz.obj plot3d.obj jb.obj zoom.obj miscres.obj miscovl.obj \
realdos.obj lsys.obj lsysa.obj editpal.obj tplus.obj tplus_a.obj tp3d.obj \
lyapunov.obj fractint.hlp hcmplx.obj $(DEFFILE) $(LINKFILE)
$(LINKER) /ST:4096 /SE:200 /PACKC /F /NOE @$(LINKFILE) > foo
!ifdef C7
@echo (Any overlay_thunks (L4059) warnings from the linker are harmless) >> foo
type foo
!ifndef DEBUG
hc /a

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  1. Very nice! Thank you for this wonderful archive. I wonder why I found it only now. Long live the BBS file archives!

  2. This is so awesome! 😀 I’d be cool if you could download an entire archive of this at once, though.

  3. But one thing that puzzles me is the “mtswslnkmcjklsdlsbdmMICROSOFT” string. There is an article about it here. It is definitely worth a read: