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This list complete as of version 14.
None of these are necessarily supported in future.

Add one to any debug value to trigger writing benchmark values to
the file "bench". This gets stripped at startup; so all values
used for other purposes are even.

Example: "fractint debug=8088" forces Fractint to think you have an
8088/8086 CPU and ignore all of the tricky 186/286/386-specific stuff.
"Fractint 8089" does the same thing, but also turns on the benchmark

16 video.asm pretend not a vga
22 lorenz.c force float for 3D perspective
50 fractint.c compare estored files
70 fractint.c set fpu = 0
90 fractals.c force "C" mandel & julia integer type (no calcmand)
90 fractals.c force generic code for fn+fn etc types
200 fractint.c time encoder
420 diskvid.c don't use extended/expanded mem (force disk)
420 realdos.c same for screen save (force disk)
422 diskvid.c don't use expanded mem (force extended or disk)
422 realdos.c same for screen save (force extended or disk)
870 fractint.c set fpu to max 87
1010 fractals.c force fp for newton & newtbasin (no mpc math)
1234 fractint.c force larger integer arithmetic bitshift value
1946 calcfrac.c BTM fills with color 1 (boundary only display)
2222 line3d.c show amount of extra seg memory used
2870 fractint.c set fpu to max 287
3000 general.asm '~' goes to color play mode
3002 realdos.c don't show development in heading
8088 general.asm set cpu = 86, ie dont use 32 bit stuff
8088 fractint.c set cpu = 86, (case in general.asm is redundant?)
9002-9100 fractint.c reduce video_type to (debug-9000)/2 if init was higher
10000 fractint.c display cpu, fpu, and free memory at startup
10000 fractint.c ? (try extra hard for minimal startup memory?)

nonzero value, line3d.c, show "normal vector" errors instead of just fixing
nonzero value, prompts.c, show info if fullscreen_prompt2 array invalid