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Filename : UPPER.ASM

Output of file : UPPER.ASM contained in archive : FILTERS.ZIP
Name upper
Title Lowercase to Uppercase filter.
page ,132
comment /

This program is a filter that translates all lowercase
characters to uppercase. It will optionally accept a
filename to read input from. All output goes to the
standard output device unless redirected.

Upper abc.txt read input from abc.txt,
output goes to screen.
Upper abc.txt >abcnew.txt
read input from abc.txt,
output goes to abcnew.txt.
Upper abcnew.txt
same as previous example
Upper abc.txt | find "ABC"
translates abc.txt to uppercase
and then searches the result
for the string "ABC".
Output goes to screen.
find "abc" abc.txt | upper | sort
Search abc.txt for all lines that
contain "abc". Translate all lines
selected and sort them, sending output
to the screen.
code segment public
; command line is at 80h of psp - first byte is length
org 80h
parmsize db ?
parm db 7fh dup (?)
; .com starts at 100h - but must jump around any data area
org 100h ; com file starts here
assume cs:code,ds:code,es:code
jmp clear
; data area for .com programs
handle dw 0h ; assume standard input
bufsiz equ 255
buffer db bufsiz dup (?)
; start of actual code is here (clear)
; now figure out which file to read from - parm line or standard input
cmp parmsize,0h ; if zero, no parm
jz again ; assume standard input
; parm length is not zero - assume the parm is a file name. If not
; found, quit.
mov al,parmsize ; get size of parm
xor ah,ah ; zero out top part of accum.
mov si,ax ; use length as a pointer into the dta
mov [si]+parm,0h ; to tack on a zero byte (asciiz).
; now try to open the file
lea dx,parm+1 ; address of 'filename'
mov al,0h ; open for read only
mov ah,3dh ; dos open function
int 21h ; invoke function
jc oops ; open error - quit
mov handle,ax ; save file handle
mov bx,handle ; read from standard input or file
mov cx,bufsiz ; # of characters to read
lea dx,buffer ; seg:off address of buffer area
mov ah,3fh ; dos read function
int 21h ; invoke function
jc oops ; error!
cmp ax,0h ; if zero, end of file
jz oops
push ax ; save copy of ax
mov cx,ax ; cx (and ax) contain # characters read
lea si,buffer ; offset of buffer
mov di,si ; di gets it too
lodsb ; get a character from buffer
cmp al,'a' ; if not between 'a' and 'z', skip
jl ok
cmp al,'z'
jg ok
sub al,20h ; else switch to uppercase
stosb ; put back into buffer
loop loop1 ; and repeat for entire buffer
pop cx ; restore character count
mov bx,1h ; standard output device
mov ah,40h ; dos write function
int 21h ; invoke dos function

jmp again ; repeat until end of file or error
int 20h ; return to dos
code ends
end upper

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  2. This is so awesome! 😀 I’d be cool if you could download an entire archive of this at once, though.

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