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Copyright 1991 by David Thielen, All Rights Reserved.

This code example is from a commercial product and has restricted
rights. This code, or any code derived from this code may be
incorporated into any programs with the following restrictions;
1) It cannot be sold as source code, and 2) It cannot be sold in a
product which provides this code as an API.

#include "file_io.h"

// Keep in mind that a disk caching program may ignore the below so
// that while the file is flushed from DOS, it may still be in the
// buffers of the cache. Unfortunately, there is no way around this.

// fOpenCommit is true if the file was opened with the commit bit set.

unsigned FileCommit (int hFil,int fOpenCommit)
int hTmp;
unsigned uRtn=0;

// If we opened with commit & we are on DOS 4.0+, we don't need to
// do anything.
// OS/2 is DOS version 10 - we treat that like DOS 3.3
if ((fOpenCommit) && (DosMajVer >= 4) && (DosMajVer != 10))
return (0);

// If we are on version 3.3+, we can use file commit
if ((DosMajVer > 3) || ((DosMajVer == 3) && (DosMinVer >= 3)))
mov ah, 68h
mov bx, [hFil]
int 21h
jnc Ok
mov [uRtn], ax
return (uRtn);

// We now have 3 options. The first is to create a dup handle & then
// close it. However, this will fail if there are no available
// handles. The second option is to close the file & then re-open it
// but that requires we store the file name - which we will only need
// for DOS < 3.3 AND no available handles. Finally, we can reset the
// disk which will flush all buffers but won't update the directory
// entry (which means the size & date of the file MAY be wrong).

// If you are VERY concerned about this, there are 3 changes you can
// make in this code. 1) You can require DOS 3.3 or greater. 2) You
// can store the FULL name of the file. 3) You could close handle 0
// (which is generally CON) and then perform the dup/close, then re-open
// CON. Be careful on the final choice that you re-open whatever was
// truly on handle 0 - which in the case of re-directed I/O, may be
// a file.

// Lets try a dup
if ((hTmp = FileDup (hFil)) >= 0)
// ok close the dup & return
uRtn = FileClose (hTmp);

return (uRtn);

// We're fucked - all we can do is flush the buffers
// The directory entry WON'T be updated (which is only a problem
// if the file has grown since it was last closed/flushed).
// If you are using a file for transaction processing & it has a
// maximum size that's reasonable, open the file, write 0 bytes at
// the limit to size it, close & re-open it & then the below flush
// will always be sufficient.
mov ah, 0Dh
int 21h

return (0);

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