Category : C Source Code
Archive   : DMAKE38B.ZIP
Filename : MK40SWP.BAT

Output of file : MK40SWP.BAT contained in archive : DMAKE38B.ZIP
md objects
masm -t -mx -Dmlarge msdos\exec.asm;
mv exec.obj objects
cl -c -I. -Imsdos -Imsdos\mscdos -mL -DM_I86=1 infer.c
copy infer.obj objects
del infer.obj
cl -c -I. -Imsdos -Imsdos\mscdos -mL -DM_I86=1 make.c
copy make.obj objects
del make.obj
cl -c -I. -Imsdos -Imsdos\mscdos -mL -DM_I86=1 stat.c
copy stat.obj objects
del stat.obj
cl -c -I. -Imsdos -Imsdos\mscdos -mL -DM_I86=1 expand.c
copy expand.obj objects
del expand.obj
cl -c -I. -Imsdos -Imsdos\mscdos -mL -DM_I86=1 dmstring.c
copy dmstring.obj objects
del dmstring.obj
cl -c -I. -Imsdos -Imsdos\mscdos -mL -DM_I86=1 hash.c
copy hash.obj objects
del hash.obj
cl -c -I. -Imsdos -Imsdos\mscdos -mL -DM_I86=1 dag.c
copy dag.obj objects
del dag.obj
cl -c -I. -Imsdos -Imsdos\mscdos -mL -DM_I86=1 dmake.c
copy dmake.obj objects
del dmake.obj
cl -c -I. -Imsdos -Imsdos\mscdos -mL -DM_I86=1 path.c
copy path.obj objects
del path.obj
cl -c -I. -Imsdos -Imsdos\mscdos -mL -DM_I86=1 imacs.c
copy imacs.obj objects
del imacs.obj
cl -c -I. -Imsdos -Imsdos\mscdos -mL -DM_I86=1 sysintf.c
copy sysintf.obj objects
del sysintf.obj
cl -c -I. -Imsdos -Imsdos\mscdos -mL -DM_I86=1 parse.c
copy parse.obj objects
del parse.obj
cl -c -I. -Imsdos -Imsdos\mscdos -mL -DM_I86=1 getinp.c
copy getinp.obj objects
del getinp.obj
cl -c -I. -Imsdos -Imsdos\mscdos -mL -DM_I86=1 quit.c
copy quit.obj objects
del quit.obj
cl -c -I. -Imsdos -Imsdos\mscdos -mL -DM_I86=1 state.c
copy state.obj objects
del state.obj
cl -c -I. -Imsdos -Imsdos\mscdos -mL -DM_I86=1 basename.c
copy basename.obj objects
del basename.obj
cl -c -I. -Imsdos -Imsdos\mscdos -mL -DM_I86=1 dmdump.c
copy dmdump.obj objects
del dmdump.obj
cl -c -I. -Imsdos -Imsdos\mscdos -mL -DM_I86=1 macparse.c
copy macparse.obj objects
del macparse.obj
cl -c -I. -Imsdos -Imsdos\mscdos -mL -DM_I86=1 rulparse.c
copy rulparse.obj objects
del rulparse.obj
cl -c -I. -Imsdos -Imsdos\mscdos -mL -DM_I86=1 percent.c
copy percent.obj objects
del percent.obj
cl -c -I. -Imsdos -Imsdos\mscdos -mL -DM_I86=1 function.c
copy function.obj objects
del function.obj
cl -c -I. -Imsdos -Imsdos\mscdos -mL -DM_I86=1 msdos\ruletab.c
copy ruletab.obj objects
del ruletab.obj
cl -c -I. -Imsdos -Imsdos\mscdos -mL -DM_I86=1 msdos\dirbrk.c
copy dirbrk.obj objects
del dirbrk.obj
cl -c -I. -Imsdos -Imsdos\mscdos -mL -DM_I86=1 msdos\runargv.c
copy runargv.obj objects
del runargv.obj
cl -c -I. -Imsdos -Imsdos\mscdos -mL -DM_I86=1 msdos\arlib.c
copy arlib.obj objects
del arlib.obj
cl -c -I. -Imsdos -Imsdos\mscdos -mL -DM_I86=1 msdos\_chdir.c
copy _chdir.obj objects
del _chdir.obj
cl -c -I. -Imsdos -Imsdos\mscdos -mL -DM_I86=1 msdos\switchar.c
copy switchar.obj objects
del switchar.obj
cl -c -I. -Imsdos -Imsdos\mscdos -mL -DM_I86=1 msdos\rmprq.c
copy rmprq.obj objects
del rmprq.obj
cl -c -I. -Imsdos -Imsdos\mscdos -mL -DM_I86=1 msdos\find.c
copy find.obj objects
del find.obj
cl -c -I. -Imsdos -Imsdos\mscdos -mL -DM_I86=1 msdos\spawn.c
copy spawn.obj objects
del spawn.obj
cl -c -I. -Imsdos -Imsdos\mscdos -mL -DM_I86=1 msdos\mscdos\tempnam.c
copy tempnam.obj objects
del tempnam.obj
copy msdos\mscdos\
link /stack:4096 @msdos\mscdos\objswp.rsp,dmake.exe,NUL.MAP;

  3 Responses to “Category : C Source Code
Archive   : DMAKE38B.ZIP
Filename : MK40SWP.BAT

  1. Very nice! Thank you for this wonderful archive. I wonder why I found it only now. Long live the BBS file archives!

  2. This is so awesome! 😀 I’d be cool if you could download an entire archive of this at once, though.

  3. But one thing that puzzles me is the “mtswslnkmcjklsdlsbdmMICROSOFT” string. There is an article about it here. It is definitely worth a read: