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RICHARD DOUST (201) 335-0691

This program demonstrates a couple of things. One is a persistent menu
object. The program's menu is stored in two Paradox tables. At
initialization, the program instantiates a PxMenu object which causes that
menu's definition to be read from the database. Changing the menu is as easy
as changing the contents of the two Paradox tables.

The second thing is a dialog box. The dialog box was a little tricky only
because its job is to update another Paradox table.

Menu.Hpp // Paradox Menu Object interface
Menu.Cpp // PxMenu object
Material.Cpp // main
PrnDlg.Hpp // Dialog box class
PrnDlg.Cpp // The dialog box code
MenuIds.H // defines for menu ids
Pdxpp.H // Paradox engine C++ interface header file
// downloaded from CompuServe
Pdxpp.Cpp // Initialization of Paradox Library
Makefile // A PolyMake makefile
ReadMe.Doc // This file
Material.Cfg // used by the makefile - parameters for compile
MenuItem.DB // Paradox Table of menu items
MenuItem.PX // Index for menu items table
MenuTabl.DB // Paradox Table of Menus
MenuTabl.PX // Index for Menus table
Printers.DB // Paradox Table of Printers
Printers.PX // Index for Printers table
Material.DB // Another table not used, but referenced
Material.PX // Index for material table
Material.Exe // The program

If you own the Paradox engine and Borland's C++ compiler, you should be able
to compile and link this code. Alternatively, just run the application and
look at the code to see how it was done. If you own Paradox, modify the Menu
tables and check out the results the next time you run the application.

Any comments are of course welcome. I wrote all of this stuff in two days
and don't think that its necessarily a good example of C++ code. I only just
started coding in C++. But someone may find something useful in some of it.

By the way, printers in the context of this program are businesses that do

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Archive   : DIALOG.ZIP
Filename : README.DOC

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