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CXL.HLP The CXL help data base for Quick C Version 2.0

Since receiving Version 2.0 of Quick C I've been impressed with the
fact that the built-in help facility makes it possible for me to leave
the manuals on the shelf. I'm sure that not having to look up
information in a printed manual is saving me a lot of time, and making
my coding projects go faster. I came to the conclusion that CXL
libraries save me a lot of time also, and that I wanted to have the
CXL manual built-in to the Quick C environment.

The CXL.HLP file is to be used under Microsoft's Quick C version 2.0.
It will not work with earlier versions. It supplements the help data
base delivered with Microsoft's distribution diskettes. The contents
of this help data base are derived from the documentation file
distributed with Mike Smedley's C Programmer's Extended Function
Library, Version 5.0.

Quick C Version 2.0
A hard disk drive
C Programmer's Extended Function Library, Version 5.0 by Mike Smedley

Copy the CXL.HLP file to a subdirectory of your choosing on your hard
disk drive. Modify your AUTOEXEC.BAT file to include the following
SET HELPFILES=[full path specification]
Where the full path specification contains the following:
Drive specifier (optional) EX: C:
Subdirectory (required) EX: \C\CXL\HELP\
File Name (required) EX: CXL.HLP
For this case the line would read:

Of course adding the above to your AUTOEXEC.BAT file is optional.
You may enter the SET HELPFILES definition at the DOS command line
each time you want to use this capability. However you do it, this
environment variable must be defined as above.

Note: Do not change the name of the CXL.HLP file. Due to a "bug" in
the Microsoft program HELPMAKE.EXE, internal references to
this help data base file were necessary. If a cross reference
is selected (such as: select an item from one of the index
screens or one of the SEE ALSO references) and the CXL.HLP
file cannot be found, either because you have changed its name
or the HELPFILES environment variable was not set, Quick C
simply beeps without displaying any message as to why it

CXLHELP works just like the built-in help provided by Microsoft. You
access it by placing the cursor on a key word (eg., a CXL function
name, or a CXL global variable reference) and either depress the F1
key or place the mouse cursor over the word and press the right
button. You may access a master index containing indices for the CXL
detailed descriptions, the CXL Appendices, and all the CXL functions
by entering the key word CXLHELP and placing the cursor on it and
depressing either F1 or the right mouse button. You will also find
references to the CXL Master Index on the top line of many of the
CXLHELP display screens.

The top two lines of the master index screen displays looks like this:

CXL Help Master Index Screen Number: 1 -2- 3 4 5 6

The screen you are in is indicated by the number with dashes on either
side of it (this example would indicate screen 2). Changing to one of
the other index screens is simply a matter of moving the cursor
(character or mouse) to the number of the screen you want to change to
and pressing either F1 or the right button on the mouse.

This quick help data base is placed in the public domain by its
developer, John M. Hufford. It was constructed from document files
distributed with Mike Smedley's CXL libraries and compiled using
Microsoft's HELPMAKE.EXE Version 1.0. No fee is requested, however,
any donations will be accepted. Comments and suggestions for
improving this data base are encouraged and may be sent to:

John M. Hufford
709 SE Crown Drive
Bartlesville, OK 74006-8936

The author claims no responsibility for any damages caused by the use
or misuse of this product. This product is distributed "as is" with
no warranty expressed or implied. The author will not be responsible
for any losses incurred, either directly or indirectly, by the use of
this product.

The C Programmer's Extended Function Library (CXL) is an extremely
powerful and useful addition to the C programming language for IBM PC
software development. These function libraries are CopyRighted by
their author, Mike Smedley. For one low fee he supplies the libraries
for all memory models, helpful development utilities, and last but by
no means least his full source code. In addition, he supports many
other C compilers! You're missing out on a lot if you don't register
with the author at the following address:
Mike Smedley
P.O. Box 33603
San Antonio, TX 78265-3603

Mike also maintains a Bulletin board for CXL support:
CXL Support BBS - (512) 590-0460 1200/2400
This is another way to reach me also as I'll be checking in at that
BBS on a regular basis.

I hope you find this quick help data base helpful in your daily
programming effort!


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