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title savestr Make a Safe Copy of a String
index Make a safe copy of a string


char *
char s[];


savestr(s) returns a pointer to a newly-allocated block of memory
containing a copy of s. The memory is obtained from malloc() and
should be freed with free() when you are done with it.

savestr() returns NULL if it cannot obtain the memory it needs.



Jerry Leichter


* Edit history
* 0.0 19-May-81 JSL Invention
* 0.1 09-Dec-81 MM Changed cpystr() to strcpy()

#define NULL 0

extern char *malloc();

char *
register char s[];
{ register char *new;
if ((new=malloc(strlen(s)+1)) != NULL)

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Archive   : CSRC2.ZIP
Filename : SAVEST.C

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