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This document lists INCOMPATIBLE changes made from the previous version of
the Utility Library.

1. The isxxx() functions in the standard library have been re-written
and are now very similar to the old CU versions. Hence, the CU
versions are superfluous. The following incompatibilities occur:

o The CU function iswhite() is now the standard function isspace().
Further, is now considered to be whitespace.

o The CU versions allowed you modify the character table used to
make up new character classes. The standard library has no
analogous facility. However, CU now contains a much more general
facility, the cset, for accomplishing the same thing.

2. The index() function of the old CU has been incorporated into the
standard library AS THE FUNCTION strchr(). Note that the index()
function in the standard library has a related, but quite different,
meaning. (This renaming was done to maintain compatibility with
Unix libraries.)

All obsolete code is still included in the distribution; obsolete .c files
have been renamed to extension .obs, and obsolete .h files have been
renamed to extension .obh. Note that the standard build procedure will NOT
build these files, nor will their documentation be included in the CU
documentation. Further, some obsolete modules may follow obsolete conven-
tions regarding embedded documentation, so that getrno may no longer work
on them.

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Archive   : CSRC2.ZIP
Filename : CHANGES.DOC

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