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C Spot Run

A User-Supported C Add-On Library

Version 3.0 "ReadMe" File

July 12, 1988

Hello and welcome to the C Spot Run package. I'm your host,
the infamous README file.... This file serves several purposes:
it allows me to fill you in on the latest information that didn't
make it into the documentation; it helps you to get started with
this package; it lets me show off some CSR features through the
README.C program, and it is less formal than the documentation.
So let's get started.... (NOTE: To print this file type "COPY
README.DAT PRN" at the DOS prompt.)

Following is a list of the files in this archive and a short
description of each.

CCDEMOMS.BAT Batch to compile CSRDEMO for Microsoft.
CCDEMOTC.BAT Batch to compile CSRDEMO for Turbo C.
CHECKC.EXE Executable for the CheckC program.
COLOR.H Include file with color definitions.
CSPOTRUN.DOC Complete C Spot Run documentation.
CSR.H New standard header file for C Spot Run.
CSRDEMO.C Demo program for C Spot Run.
CSRDEMO.PRJ Project file to make CSRDEMO in Turbo C.
CSRDEMO.MAK Make file to compile CSRDEMO in QuickC.
CSRDOS.H Include file for directory searching.
CSRMENU.H Include file for menu routines.
CSRMISC.H Assorted #definitions for CSR.
CSRMODES.H Include file with set_mode() options.
CSRORDER.C Source to CSR online order form program.
CSRORDER.EXE Executable of online order form program.
CSRQCS.LIB Linkable version of the library for
Microsoft C v5.x and QuickC. (Small)
CSRQCM.LIB Linkable version of the library for
Microsoft C v5.x and QuickC. (Medium)
CSRSHELL.ASM Shell for assembly interface to C.
CSRSOUND.H Some note values and declarations.
CSRTIME.H Text arrays for week and names.
ERRORS.H Text of critical DOS errors.
FLINE.EXE Executable for the FirstLine program.
README.C The source code to the README program.
README.DAT The file you are reading now.
README.EXE The executable version of README.
SKEY.H Special extended key definitions.
TIMERS.C Source code to timer functions.
TCSCSR.LIB Linkable version of the library for
Turbo C v1.5. (Small)

What's Up

So much has happened since Version 2.1 was released last
August that I don't know where to begin. I suppose the best
place would be with the apology, and that's for the fact that it
has been almost a year since the last release. I can easily
understand the agonizing frustration of users who moved to the
new Microsoft and Borland compilers only to find that CSR hadn't
moved with them. It has been a long road for me but I can finally
announce with great pleasure that CSR is now working with the
latest compiler versions in all of their incarnations. I am
forever grateful for the technical and moral support I've
received from users who have been more than patient during the

The NDS News

The C Spot Run Support Newsletter has changed immensely. Now
reborn as The NDS News it hosts numerous useful articles,
complete with source code examples, and sports an attractive
desktop-published design. It is now available in hard-copy only,
so if you haven't received a copy yet you'll want to get one
right away.

How do you get a copy? Glad you asked. You need to
get on the mailing list, and you can do that by sending in the
form generated by CSRORDER, or, better yet, by registering as a C
Spot Run User. For the time being I'm sending a copy to everyone
on the mailing list. However the postage and printing costs are
rising constantly and I won't be able to keep this up. All you
need to do to assure continued newsletter subscription and update
notification is to register for CSR at any level.

Getting Started

The first step to using CSR is to print out the
documentation. It's 250 pages long, so check your paper and
ribbon. Make sure you're using a monospaced font if you're using
a laser printer, and then type "Copy CSpotRun.DOC PRN" at the DOS
prompt. Unlike previous versions this documentation includes
form feeds, so alignment isn't a problem. (The first page can go
several lines off either way.)

If you're new to CSR you'll want to read the first few
sections of the documentation in order to get started, otherwise
you're all set, except for running the CSRORDER program, which
you'll want to do right away to REGISTER and/or get on the
mailing list....

Registration: How and Why

If you use C Spot Run it's important to register as a user.
Not only do you receive the benefits of source code, update
notifications, the NDS News, etc., but you get a warm feeling
from helping to support the Shareware effort. Without your
support I can't afford to go on supporting CSR, as much as I'd
like to.

I want to make registration as easy as possible for you, so
there are a number of options. First, with the NDS News comes a
printed order form with complete instructions on a nice, good
looking form. Secondly, the CSRORDER program included with this
package will prompt you for all of the important information
online and printout a one page form for registering or simply
getting on the mailing list. Your third option is to send in the
order form at the end of the CSR documentation. And last but not
least, you can register with a credit card on-line and download
the source code right away!

This last option needs the most explanation, so here it is:
The Shareware BBS in San Diego, CA, at (619) 455-5226, 2400 baud,
allows you to register on-line with a Visa or Mastercard and then
download the source code immediately. (After registering on-line
you should send in one of the printed forms with PAID written on
it to assure that an "official" disk is mailed and a serial
number assigned.)

Final Comments

In the confusion of putting this release together some things
may have slipped by me. I've tried to test CSR in all the
distributed configurations and I'm confident that the package
performs as documented. The library has undergone months of use
with QuickC / MSC 5.x, and I've tested it a lot with the
integrated environments and command line version of Turbo C v1.5.
If you do find a problem, though, please let me know right away
so I can try and fix it. The problems with Turbo C v1.0 this
past year practically crippled the product, and I don't want that
to happen again.

If all goes well a v3.1 of CSR should follow in the next few
months to handle any bugs that crop up and expand the function
library. Vaporware, I know, but I'm honestly trying.

Finally, in the v2.1 README file I asked for letters
supporting my college applications. I want to thank those of you
who took the time to write something about myself and CSR, and
I'm happy to announce that I've been accepted at Drexel
University as a Computer Science student this fall.

Thanks for your support, and good luck with CSR. Please feel
free to call me with any questions, comments, or suggestions.

- Bob Pritchett (609) 424-2595 (Voice)

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