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crc - checksum files

ccccrrrrcccc file ...

For each file, _c_r_c calculates and prints a 32-bit CRC, the
byte count, and the file name. It is typically used to
validate files transferred between different systems, and is
useful in detecting subtle disk corruption. _C_r_c uses a
checksum compatible with the DOS version of crc, as well as
the "crc" command in ZCOMM and Professional-YAM (high
reliability communications programs).

The 32-bit CRC used is the frame check sequence in ADCCP
(ANSI X3.66, also known as FIPS PUB 71 and FED-STD-1003, the
U.S. versions of CCITT's X.25 link-level protocol).

32 bit CRC code courtesy Gary S. Brown.

Although most unlikely, files with different data may still
produce the same crc value.

chek(1), tocpm(1), sum(1), wc(1).

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