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Coronado Enterprises C++ TUTOR (ver 2.00) July 20, 1990

Getting Started with the C++ tutorial

The first thing you should do is to backup the distribution disk-
ettes and store the distribution diskettes away in a safe place.
Use only the copy for all operations.

Getting started with the TEXT diskette

Before you can begin studying C++, you must print out a copy of the
tutorial text. The file named PRINTEXT.BAT is designed to help you
do this. Simply type the name PRINTEXT at the DOS prompt and all of
the tutorial text will be printed for you. This batch file uses the
executable file named PRNTTEXT.EXE to print the files. This execut-
able file prints the files with 8 spaces at the beginning of each
line for neat formatting. It will print about 115 pages.

Getting started with the SOURCE diskette

If you desire, a printout of all example C++ files can be made using
the PRINTALL.BAT file included. Simply type PRINTALL at the command
prompt with the printer on and lots of paper in place. It will print
about 150 pages. You may want to edit a copy of the PRINTALL.BAT
file to only print part of the files initially, and print the re-
mainder as you come to them in the lessons.

PRINTALL.BAT uses the file LIST.EXE to actually do the printing.
This is a program written in Pascal and compiled with TURBO Pascal,
because Borland International does not require a licensing fee for
distributing executable files. It is not really necessary to print
out the C++ example files, but sometimes a hardcopy is a real

Questionnaire on the C++ Tutorial (version 2.00)

What other languages have you programmed in?_______________________

What other languages would you like to learn?______________________

Did you find the tutorial helpful?_________________________________

What features would you like to see added?_________________________


At this time, Coronado Enterprises has completed tutorials on Ada,
Pascal, Modula-2, C, and C++. Other languages are being considered
but we need your thoughts as to what other languages should be cov-
ered with a tutorial. Please write and let us know your needs.

This tutorial is available in a completely printed form. It was
very carefully designed with easy to read fonts and printed with a
laser printer.

_____ Enclosed is $39.95 to cover my registration fee for the C++
tutorial (version 2.00). Please send me the printed version
of the C++ tutorial in a loose leaf binder. Please include
a list of available tutorials and a special discount offer
for additional tutorials.
(Foreign postage; $7.00 - surface mail, $24.00 - airmail)

_____ Enclosed is $15.00 to cover my registration fee for the C++
tutorial (version 2.00). Please send me a current list of
available tutorials, and a special discount offer on addi-
tional tutorials.

_____ Enclosed is nothing, I do not wish to pay anything, but I
would like a current list of tutorials. I have enclosed a
self addressed stamped envelope.

Name ___________________________________________

Street ___________________________________________

City ___________________________________________

State, Zip _______________________________________

Mail to; Coronado Enterprises
12501 Coronado Ave NE
Albuquerque, New Mexico 87122
Phone (505) 293-5464

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