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Filename : FTILIB.MAK

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# MSDOS Microsoft C makefile for Cephes library
# For large memory model:
# Add /FPa to the CFLAGS if you want to use the fast software FPa arithmetic.
# Use the following with /FPa if you do not want to use the 80x87 coprocessor
# or software emulator.
#polevl.obj: polevl.c mconf.h
# cl /c /Ox polevl.c

# Use the following instead if you want to use an 80x87 chip or
# software emulator for maximum accuracy computation of the
# polynomial expansions:
polevl.obj: polevl.asm mconf.h
masm polevl.asm/r;

acosh.obj: acosh.c mconf.h
cl $(CFLAGS) acosh.c

airy.obj: airy.c mconf.h
cl $(CFLAGS) airy.c

asin.obj: asin.c mconf.h
cl $(CFLAGS) asin.c

asinh.obj: asinh.c mconf.h
cl $(CFLAGS) asinh.c

atan.obj: atan.c mconf.h
cl $(CFLAGS) atan.c

atanh.obj: atanh.c mconf.h
cl $(CFLAGS) atanh.c

asinh.obj: asinh.c mconf.h
cl $(CFLAGS) asinh.c

bdtr.obj: bdtr.c mconf.h
cl $(CFLAGS) bdtr.c

beta.obj: beta.c mconf.h
cl $(CFLAGS) beta.c

btdtr.obj: btdtr.c mconf.h
cl $(CFLAGS) btdtr.c

cbrt.obj: cbrt.c mconf.h
cl $(CFLAGS) cbrt.c

chbevl.obj: chbevl.c mconf.h
cl $(CFLAGS) chbevl.c

chdtr.obj: chdtr.c mconf.h
cl $(CFLAGS) chdtr.c

clog.obj: clog.c mconf.h
cl $(CFLAGS) clog.c

cmplx.obj: cmplx.c mconf.h
cl $(CFLAGS) cmplx.c

const.obj: const.c mconf.h
cl $(CFLAGS) const.c

cosh.obj: cosh.c mconf.h
cl $(CFLAGS) cosh.c

dawsn.obj: dawsn.c mconf.h
cl $(CFLAGS) dawsn.c

drand.obj: drand.c mconf.h
cl $(CFLAGS) drand.c

ellie.obj: ellie.c mconf.h
cl $(CFLAGS) ellie.c

ellik.obj: ellik.c mconf.h
cl $(CFLAGS) ellik.c

ellpe.obj: ellpe.c mconf.h
cl $(CFLAGS) ellpe.c

ellpj.obj: ellpj.c mconf.h
cl $(CFLAGS) ellpj.c

ellpk.obj: ellpk.c mconf.h
cl $(CFLAGS) ellpk.c

exp.obj: exp.c mconf.h
cl $(CFLAGS) exp.c

exp10.obj: exp10.c mconf.h
cl $(CFLAGS) exp10.c

exp2.obj: exp2.c mconf.h
cl $(CFLAGS) exp2.c

expn.obj: expn.c mconf.h
cl $(CFLAGS) expn.c

fabs.obj: fabs.c mconf.h
cl $(CFLAGS) fabs.c

fac.obj: fac.c mconf.h
cl $(CFLAGS) fac.c

fdtr.obj: fdtr.c mconf.h
cl $(CFLAGS) fdtr.c

floor.obj: floor.c mconf.h
cl $(CFLAGS) floor.c

fresnl.obj: fresnl.c mconf.h
cl $(CFLAGS) fresnl.c

gamma.obj: gamma.c mconf.h
cl $(CFLAGS) gamma.c

gdtr.obj: gdtr.c mconf.h
cl $(CFLAGS) gdtr.c

hyp2f1.obj: hyp2f1.c mconf.h
cl $(CFLAGS) hyp2f1.c

hyperg.obj: hyperg.c mconf.h
cl $(CFLAGS) hyperg.c

i0.obj: i0.c mconf.h
cl $(CFLAGS) i0.c

i1.obj: i1.c mconf.h
cl $(CFLAGS) i1.c

igam.obj: igam.c mconf.h
cl $(CFLAGS) igam.c

igami.obj: igami.c mconf.h
cl $(CFLAGS) igami.c

incbet.obj: incbet.c mconf.h
cl $(CFLAGS) incbet.c

incbi.obj: incbi.c mconf.h
cl $(CFLAGS) incbi.c

iv.obj: iv.c mconf.h
cl $(CFLAGS) iv.c

j0.obj: j0.c mconf.h
cl $(CFLAGS) j0.c

j1.obj: j1.c mconf.h
cl $(CFLAGS) j1.c

jn.obj: jn.c mconf.h
cl $(CFLAGS) jn.c

jv.obj: jv.c mconf.h
cl $(CFLAGS) jv.c

k0.obj: k0.c mconf.h
cl $(CFLAGS) k0.c

k1.obj: k1.c mconf.h
cl $(CFLAGS) k1.c

kn.obj: kn.c mconf.h
cl $(CFLAGS) kn.c

log.obj: log.c mconf.h
cl $(CFLAGS) log.c

log10.obj: log10.c mconf.h
cl $(CFLAGS) log10.c

mtherr.obj: mtherr.c mconf.h
cl $(CFLAGS) mtherr.c

nbdtr.obj: nbdtr.c mconf.h
cl $(CFLAGS) nbdtr.c

ndtr.obj: ndtr.c mconf.h
cl $(CFLAGS) ndtr.c

ndtri.obj: ndtri.c mconf.h
cl $(CFLAGS) ndtri.c

pdtr.obj: pdtr.c mconf.h
cl $(CFLAGS) pdtr.c

pow.obj: pow.c mconf.h
cl $(CFLAGS) pow.c

powi.obj: powi.c mconf.h
cl $(CFLAGS) powi.c

psi.obj: psi.c mconf.h
cl $(CFLAGS) psi.c

rgamma.obj: rgamma.c mconf.h
cl $(CFLAGS) rgamma.c

round.obj: round.c mconf.h
cl $(CFLAGS) round.c

shichi.obj: shichi.c mconf.h
cl $(CFLAGS) shichi.c

sici.obj: sici.c mconf.h
cl $(CFLAGS) sici.c

sin.obj: sin.c mconf.h
cl $(CFLAGS) sin.c

sindg.obj: sindg.c mconf.h
cl $(CFLAGS) sindg.c

sinh.obj: sinh.c mconf.h
cl $(CFLAGS) sinh.c

spence.obj: spence.c mconf.h
cl $(CFLAGS) spence.c

sqrt.obj: sqrt.c mconf.h
cl $(CFLAGS) sqrt.c

stdtr.obj: stdtr.c mconf.h
cl $(CFLAGS) stdtr.c

struve.obj: struve.c mconf.h
cl $(CFLAGS) struve.c

tan.obj: tan.c mconf.h
cl $(CFLAGS) tan.c

tandg.obj: tandg.c mconf.h
cl $(CFLAGS) tandg.c

tanh.obj: tanh.c mconf.h
cl $(CFLAGS) tanh.c

yn.obj: yn.c mconf.h
cl $(CFLAGS) yn.c

zeta.obj: zeta.c mconf.h
cl $(CFLAGS) zeta.c

zetac.obj: zetac.c mconf.h
cl $(CFLAGS) zetac.c

fti.lib: acosh.obj airy.obj asin.obj asinh.obj atan.obj atanh.obj bdtr.obj \
beta.obj btdtr.obj cbrt.obj chbevl.obj chdtr.obj clog.obj \
cmplx.obj const.obj cosh.obj dawsn.obj drand.obj ellie.obj ellik.obj \
ellpe.obj ellpj.obj ellpk.obj exp.obj exp10.obj \
exp2.obj expn.obj fabs.obj fac.obj fdtr.obj floor.obj fresnl.obj gamma.obj \
gdtr.obj hyp2f1.obj hyperg.obj i0.c i1.c igam.c igami.obj incbet.obj \
incbi.obj iv.obj j0.obj j1.obj jn.obj jv.obj k0.obj k1.obj \
kn.obj log.obj log10.obj mtherr.obj nbdtr.obj ndtr.obj ndtri.obj \
pdtr.obj polevl.obj pow.obj powi.obj psi.obj rgamma.obj round.obj shichi.obj \
sici.obj sin.obj sindg.obj sinh.obj spence.obj sqrt.obj stdtr.obj struve.obj \
tan.obj tandg.obj tanh.obj yn.obj zeta.obj zetac.obj mconf.h
lib @ftiasm.rsp

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Archive   : CEPHES22.ZIP
Filename : FTILIB.MAK

  1. Very nice! Thank you for this wonderful archive. I wonder why I found it only now. Long live the BBS file archives!

  2. This is so awesome! 😀 I’d be cool if you could download an entire archive of this at once, though.

  3. But one thing that puzzles me is the “mtswslnkmcjklsdlsbdmMICROSOFT” string. There is an article about it here. It is definitely worth a read: