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This file contains a description of modifications made to CDB since
its inception.

Version 1.10 (released 08/19/90)

- Initial release.

Version 1.11 (released 11/26/90)

- Fixed record sorting problem in DDLP.EXE. This could be a problem in
any DDL definition. The symptoms are an E_NORECNAME code being returned
after a DbRecordAdd call even though the record name exists in the DDL.
Modified DDLP.C, DDLP.MAK, and DDLP.H.

Version 1.12 (released 02/02/91)

- Problem with DbGetSetOwner call. The function was not being called
properly. Modified DBMGR.C, DBGET.C, and DBXTRN.H.

Version 1.13 (released 03/18/91)

- Sets can now be stored by a key field. The key can be any field in the
member record. To implement this feature, no code changes are required,
modification of the .DDL file is the only sufficient change needed. See
the documentation for exact use. This feature will not work with existing
data and key files.

Version 1.14 (released 03/27/91)

- DDLP.EXE was searching for and end-of-file character (0x1A) in the .DDL
file to trigger the file parsing termination. If an editor was used to
create the .DDL file that did not store an end-of-file character, DDLP
would get confused. DDLP would spit out "expecting 'struct' keyword"
error messages. Modified MAIN.C.

- If a .DDL file contained no connections (no use of 'connect' keyword),
CDB would attempt to allocate space for 0 owners and 0 members when
the database (.DBD) file was opened. This caused problems with the
DbOpen call. Modified DBMGR.C and DBFUNCS.C.

Version 1.15 (released 04/05/91)

- Internal key pages were modified to be non write-through. Before
this modification, all CDB database calls would flush modified
pages to disk before returning to the calling function. This
change will greatly enhance the speed at which database records
can be added, modified and deleted. To ensure that data is written
to disk, call the DbFlush function. This function has been modified
to write all 'dirty' pages to disk.

- The 'cdb' function, a common entry point for all cdb calls, has been
modified to be ANSI C compatible. This function takes a variable
number of arguments. The argument list is now being retrieved via the
'va_start', 'va_arg' ANSI C function calls.

Version 1.20 (released 05/20/91)

- CDB re-introduced as a commercial product.

- Complete rework of CDB documentation.

- Removed cdb macro functionality and added dbtalk.c C-API. Macros still
exist in dbmgr.h but are #ifdef'd out. The new module provides a more
standard API front-end.

- Modified the DbOpen function parameters. The database directory is passed
as a parameter. The programmer does not have to set the external "dbpath"

- Modified the DbRecordGetCurrent function parameters. The field name
of the record does not need to be passed.

- Modified internal definition of dbflush function to db_flush. This
does not affect applications level DbFlush calls.

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Archive   : CDB120.ZIP
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