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PRODUCT : Turbo C++, Borland C++ NUMBER : 814
DATE : September 17, 1991 PAGE : 1/1

TITLE : Using the Evaluate Dialog Box in the IDE

The IDE debugger's Evaluate/Modify dialog box can do a great deal
more than simply show the value of a variable; it can evaluate
any expression that is valid in a C/C++ program (with a few

This includes complicated expressions as well as simply serving
as a handy programmer's calculator. For example, if you want a
quick conversion of hex to decimal or vice versa, and you have
set Options | Display Options | Integer Format to 'both', you can
simply type in the number you wish to convert and 'Evaluate' it.
Or suppose that at particular point in your program, a variable
does not have the value it should, but you want to continue with
the correct value -- simply change it and go on, making a note of
whatever problem caused the original inconsistency so you can
correct things later.

The Evaluate/Modify dialog box has limitations that should be
observed as well. It cannot execute functions although the
stand-alone debugger available with the "Turbo Debugger and
Tools" product can. Neither can it change the value of an entire
structure or class at once, although individual data members can
be changed. Be careful when changing memory locations since the
debugger has no way of knowing a safe memory location from a
dangerous one. And, as mentioned above, pre- processor symbols
are unknown to the debugger, and thus are not available for use
by the evaluation dialog box.

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