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PRODUCT : Turbo C++, Borland C++ NUMBER : 812
DATE : September 17, 1991 PAGE : 1/1

TITLE : What Causes "Abnormal Program Termination"

The startup code does several things before going to the main()
function. If any one of these fails, it will abort and display
the "Abnormal Program Termination" message; this message is
printed whenever the function abort() is invoked.

The startup code will abort if:

(1) There is not enough memory to load the program.

Workaround: Free up memory begore running program.
clean out system, run from DOS, not

(2) There is not enough memory to expand the stack.

Workaround: As above, reduce the stack size.

(3) If environment space is bad, TC checks the environment,
user has probable overwrote lower memory prior to trying
to load program.

(4) If EMU cannot initilize. The EMU needs to take some space
of the stack, if the stack isn't big enough, program will

(5) If overlay system cannot initilize. Usually memory

(6) If there is not enough heapspace.

Notice that in most cases, the problem is a lack of memory.

One possible solution may arise if the person is working from the
Turbo C++ Programmers Platform. The PP takes all of the memory
in the system when in runs. When you want to run one of your
programs from inside the PP, memory is freed to the total of the
size of the load image of your program + 64K by default. This
amount can be changed through Options|Debugger|Program Heap Size.
Try setting this value to a higher value and attempt to run the
program again.

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