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Output of file : JAZFILES.TXT contained in archive : C-AIDS-7.ZIP
These are the short descriptions of the files in the library. Note that there
are several macros not listed here contained in the various *.h files.
Sorry about the lack of good documentation but I promise that some is on the
Anyone interested in financing this operation may feel free to send $25.00
or any change they can spare and will eventually receive the full documentation
as well as support for other than the small model routines. When using these
routines make sure to use a compile spec similar to those found in msc.bat.
If you need support for the routines, you may contact me on Robert Blacher's
Computer Connections PCBoard at (202) 547-2008 (2400/1200 baud).


Jack A. Zucker
10318 Broom Lane,
Seabrook Md. 20706


COPYFILE.DMO Copy files demo
DIRLST.DMO Sorted directory demo
JZCLSFIL.C Close a file handle
JZCPYFIL.C Copy a file handle
JZCRTFIL.C Create a file handle
JZDIR.DMO Directory demo
JZDIRECT.H Directory struct definitions
JZDIRLST.DMO Directory list demo
JZDOSFLG.C Returns address of "in dos" flag
JZDOSVER.C Return the dos major and minor version
JZDSKFRE.C Return free disk space
JZDSKSTS.C Return disk status information
JZFAT.C Return file allocation table information
JZFIND.DMO Find files across sub-directories
JZFNDFST.C Find first matching file in directory search
JZFNDNXT.C Find next matching file in directory search
JZGETATR.C Get a files attributes
JZGETDAT.C Get the system date
JZGETDR.C Get the default sub-directory name
JZGETDRV.C Get the default drive
JZGETDTA.C Get the current disk transfer address
JZGETFCB.C Get a pointer to an unopened file control block w/cluster info
JZGETINT.C Get an interrupt vector for a specified interrupt
JZGETMEM.C Return a pointer to free memory
JZGETTIM.C Get the system time.
JZGETVOL.C Return the disk volume name.
JZINSINT.C Install an interrupt handler
JZLOGDRV.C Change the current logged drive
JZOPNFIL.C Open a file handle.
JZPOPDIR.C Pop the sub-directory from the sub-dir stack and chdir
JZPSHDIR.C Push the current sub-directory onto the sub-dir stack
JZPSHDIR.DMO Demo of push and pop directorys
JZREDFIL.C Read from a file handle
JZSEKFIL.C Seek into a file handle
JZSETATR.C Set a files attributes
JZSETATR.DMO Demo of setting file attributes with wild-cards
JZSETDTA.C Set the Disk Transfer Address
JZSETINT.C Set an interrupt vector
JZTRMRES.C Terminate the current process and stay resident
JZUNQFIL.C Return a unique file handle. (One that doesn't exist)
JZWRTFIL.C Write data to a file handle.
POPDIR.DMO Demo of stand-alone pop-dir routines
PUSHDIR.C Stand alone push directory. (uses a virtual stack)
PUSHDIR.DMO Demo of stand-alone push dir routines
PUSHPOP.H (Defines constants and misc for pushdir.dmo & popdir.dmo
RENFILE.DMO Demo of renaming files across sub-directories
TRUNCATE.C Truncate a file to a given size
TRUNCFIL.DMO Demo of file truncate


CLS.C Clear the display screen with a specified attribute
COLOR.C Change the Screen Color record for subsequent jzwrite calls
FONT.CHR Font file used in jzedtchr.exe
GSCREEN.H Define global screen attributes
JZAPPEND.C Append a window to the window linked list
JZBIGLTR.C Write a big (8 x 8 chars) to the display screen
JZBIGLTR.DMO Demo of writing "BIG" letters
JZBIGSTR.C Write a big (8 x 8 chars) string to the display screen
JZCLREOL.C Clear the line from the cursor position to the end of the line
JZCLRSCR.C Clear the current screen WINDOW using global screen attributes.
JZCLRWND.C Change the color of a window without changing it's contents.
JZCLSWND.C Close a window , restoring previous contents
JZCPYWND.C Copy a window to another structure for safe keeping
JZDELETE.C Delete a window from the window list
JZDRWBOX.C Draw a box on the screen
JZDSPFLD.C Display a field (string) on the screen, pad with blanks
JZEDTCHR.DMO Edit a character set (for CGA adapter only)
JZGETCUR.C Get the cursor size and position.
JZGETMOD.C Get the current screen mode
JZINSTR.C Read a string from the console with wordstar (tm) editing.
JZINTWND.C Initialize the global window attributes
JZLOCCUR.ASM Position the cursor . (absolute)
JZLOGO.C Display Jazsoft logo
JZMENU.C Display and read a menu from the screen. Return choice.
JZMENU.DMO Demo of jzmenu routines.
JZMOVWND.C Move a window on the screen.
JZOPNWND.C Open a window on the screen.
JZPGECLR.C Clear a given display page (CGA required)
JZPGEPRN.C Write to a given display page (CGA required)
JZPLOT.ASM Plot a point to the graphics screen. (CGA required)
JZREDCHR.C Read a character and it's attribute from the display screen
JZREDSCR.ASM Read a string from the display screen. (No attributes)
JZRSTWND.C Restore a window to the screen.
JZSAVWND.C Save a window on the screen.
JZSCREEN.DMO Demo of jzbigstr routines.
JZSCREEN.H Global screen record definitions.
JZSCRLDN.C Scroll down a window on the display screen.
JZSCRLUP.C Scroll up a window on the display screen.
JZSCROFF.C Disable the Screen display. (DO NOT USE IF NON-IBM DISPLAY !)
JZSCRON.C Enable the screen display. (DO NOT USE IF NON-IBM DISPLAY !)
JZSCRPRN.ASM Print directly to the display screen without snow. (Color also)
JZSETCUR.C Set the cursor beginning and ending scan lines. (Size)
JZSETMDE.C Set the current screen mode.
JZSETPGE.C Set the current active page.
JZWNDASN.C Assign values to the given window pointer.
JZWRITE.C Write string at the cursor position relative to current window
JZWRTCHR.ASM Write a char to the screen using bios. (color)
JZWRTSTR.C Write a string to the screen.
LOCATE.C Locate the cursor at y,x relative to window size.
MOVEATTR.ASM Move attributes to a window , changing it's color.
MENU.FIL File of menu items used by jzmenu.dmo
MOVEB.ASM Move a screen window to a buffer
MOVES.ASM Move a buffer to a screen window
SCREEN.DMO Demo of (Obsolete) jzscreen windowing & screen routines
VIEW.DMO Read only editor. View files on the screen.
WINDOW.C Change the global window attributes
WINDOW.DMO Demo of windowing routines. (Current)
WPRINTF.C Like printf but relative to window.
WSEARCH.C Search for a window, return it's pointer

Low Level (Operating System)

BADSECT.DMO Search for bad sectors on the default drive
CLI.ASM Clear the interrupt status flag disabling maskable interrupts
DISKINFO.C Return low level disk information
DOSREADS.ASM Read sectors using dos int 25h
DOSWRITS.ASM Write sectors using dos int 26h
GETCS.ASM Return the current code segment value
GETDS.ASM Return the current data segment value
GETES.ASM Return the current Extra segment value
GETSS.ASM Return the current Stack Segment value.
INSINT24.C Install the Critical Error Interrupt handler.
INT24ERR.C Return the Critical Error Code.
INT24HND.ASM Interrupt handler for int 24h. (Critical error handler)
INTR.ASM Interrupt gate similar in calling sequence to Turbo Pascal (Tm)
JZBIGFAT.C Return 1 if FAT is 16 bit, otherwise 0
JZCLOCK.DMO Install a resident clock.
JZFATEOF.C Return 1 if at the end of a FAT cluster chain.
JZGETCLS.C Get a cluster give a FAT index.
JZGETDIR.C Return pointer to low-level dos directory information.
JZGETFAT.C Return a pointer to a file allocation table array.
JZINTHND.ASM Generic interrupt handler dispatcher. Install your own ints!
READSECT.C Use Bios to read sectors from the disk
STI.ASM Set the interrupt flag. (Enable maskable interrupts)


HEADER.ASM Comment header for asm files.
HEADER.C Comment header for c files.
JAZ.H Defines misc macros and struct defs for many routines.
JAZPRINT.DMO Print multiple files w/wildcards, print formatting.
JZBACKGR.DMO Play music in the background of an application.
JZINTDIR.C Initialize the directory list structure.
LINK.BAT Batch file used for normal linking
LINKD.BAT Batch file used for Periscope linking.
MSC.BAT Batch file used for normal compiling.
MSCD.BAT Batch file used for Periscope compiling.
PE2.PRO Ibm Personal Editor II macro file.
PS.DEF Periscope record def
RSPLIST.C Build a list from a response file.
SHELL.ASM Shell for writing Masm subroutines in C
__CHKSTK.ASM Commented (My own) source for ms-c chkstk routine.

Utility Routines

GETCRC.C Return a CRC code for a buffer.
JZBEEP.C Sound a Beep.
JZBIOSTM.C Return the time using bios instead of dos.
JZDELAY.C Delay execution for specified clock tics.(machine independant)
JZINTSTK.C Initialize the user stack for jzpush & jzpop
JZPOP.C Pop data from the user stack.
JZPRNPTR.C Print any kind of struct byte by byte.
JZPUSH.C Push data onto the user stack
JZPUSH.DMO Demo of pushing data.
JZPUTPRN.C Put chars directly to the printer using bios. (lpt1 only)
JZREBOOT.ASM Reboot the computer. (Warm or Cold) (IBM compatibles only)
JZTIMER.C Time an event. Returns Seconds.
MEMB.ASM Look at a byte of memory.
MEML.ASM Look at a long of memory.
MEMW.ASM Look at a word of memory.
MODEMSTS.C Get the modem status word.
MOVE.ASM Move data from one object to another.
POKEB.ASM Poke a byte into memory.
POKEW.ASM Poke a word into memory.
SOUNDOFF.ASM Turn the sound off from the speaker.
SOUNDON.ASM Turn the sound on from the speaker.

String Routines

INDEX.C Return the index of a character in a string.
JZCHRPOS.ASM Return the index of a character in a string.
JZCHRSTR.ASM Concatenate a character and '\0' to a string.
JZCNTSTR.C Return a centered string padded with blanks.
JZDLTSTR.C Delete a specified number of chars from a string.
JZGETPCE.C Get a delimited substring. i.e. "Jaz;10318 broom lane;seabrook
JZINSSTR.C Insert a string into another string.
JZLFTSTR.C Return the left n chars of a string
JZMIDSTR.C Return the middle n chars from a string given a starting pos.
JZPAD.C Pad a string with a specified number of a specified char.
JZPRSFIL.C Parse a path\filename & return path & file name
JZRGTJST.C Right justify a string in a given width.
JZRGTSTR.C Return the right n chars from the string.
JZRPLSTR.C Replace chars in a string with another string.
JZSEARCH.DMO Search\ optionally replace strings from files .
JZSTRCAT.C Concatenate multiple strings together.
JZSTRPOS.ASM Return a pointer to a sub-string in a larger string.
JZWLDCRD.C Return true if a wildcard matches a string.
LITERAL.C Return a literal based on a string code.
RINDEX.C Return the last occurance of the index of a char in a string.
TABTOSP.C Convert tabs to spaces.


JZINKEY.ASM Return the char and scan code of a keystroke
JZKEYPRS.ASM Return 1 if a key is pressed or one is in the buffer
JZKEYSTS.C Return a keystatus record. (See jaz.h)
JZPUTKBD.C Put chars in the keyboard buffer.
JZPUTKBD.DMO Demo of placing chars in the keyboard buffer.
KEYS.H Define various scan codes for keys.

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