Category : C Source Code
Archive   : BLTC17.ZIP
Filename : !PACKLST.TXT

Output of file : !PACKLST.TXT contained in archive : BLTC17.ZIP

Packing list (shareware release)
BULLET v1.07, 31-Aug-93 (BLTC17)

!README.TXT start with this text file
!README2.TXT appnotes on return codes for transaction-based routines
!WHATIS.TXT description of BULLET
!PACKLST.TXT this file
!Q&A.TXT questions and answers
!FIXES.TXT history
!ORDER.FRM use this to place your order (very important!)
INSTALL.EXE BULLET.LI_ installation program
BULLET.LI_ BULLET.LIB library pre-install state
NOATEXIT.OBJ _atexit stub module
BORLAND.ZIP required patch module/info for any large-model Borland C compiler
CZ.COM context-sensitive online help manager
CZ.HLP help file data for CZ.COM
HLP2TXT.EXE convert CZ.HLP to ASCII file suitable for editing/printing
BULLET.H C header file
BC_LAI10.C C source code example
IDEMO.EXE browse interactive demo EXE
DBASE.DBF sample .DBF data file (for IDEMO.EXE)