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# Makefile for FP test programs.
# Copyright (C) 1991 by Nicholas Wilt. All rights reserved.

# C uses large model by default. All the assembler modules assume
# large model also.

# Implicit rules.
bcc -v -O -G -Z -c -m$(MDL) $*.c

tasm /mx/zi $<;

# Explicit rule: build all three executables by default.
all: testpow.exe testsum.exe testquad.exe

# Explicit rules for the three executables.

testpow.exe: testpow.obj pow.obj
tlink /v/c/map c0l testpow pow,testpow,,emu mathl cl

testsum.exe: testsum.obj sumarr.obj
tlink /v/c/map c0l testsum sumarr,testsum,,emu mathl cl

testquad.exe: testquad.obj quad.obj
tlink /v/c/map c0l testquad quad,testquad,,emu mathl cl