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ZDCS Revision History File

Release 2.0

Added support for ARJ archive format, both regular *.ARJ archives and
the self-extracting *.SFX ARJ files.

Faster operation - 20% faster than ZDCS 1.65.

Database format change. Databases now have two files (ZDCS.DAT and
ZDCS.NDX) and are 30% smaller than in version 1.65.

The duplicate report format has been changed to present the results in
a directly readable text file. In addition to the previous list of
all duplicates with zipfile and pathname, the report also includes a
list of all files that are 100% dupes and a list of all files that
have at least one duplicate and at least one original file.

Release 1.65

Two late blooming bugs have been squashed. Please see the ZDCS.NEW
file for details.

Release 1.64

The registration key replaces the "unregistered" screen message with
the "registered to " message, and also allows the option of
turning off the message entirely for a cleaner screen display.

The duplicate report generator ZDCSDR has been completely rewritten to
provide a speed increase of close to 80% in both the duplicate report
and duplicate purge functions. A second stage sort has also been
added so that you can have the list of duplicate files sorted by the
CRC32, the individual file name, or the name of the zipfile or GIF.
The format of the ZDCS-DUP.LST file has been changed to CSV (Comma
Separated Variable) to make it easy to import this file into a
database or parse it into a .BAT file.

When an upload contains allowed duplicates, they are no longer counted
as passed files. Instead, by popular demand they are now totally
ignored in the file count. The ZDCS log accurately reflects this

The bbs ads database builder ZDCSBA, the upload file checker ZDCSFC,
and the database builder ZDCSDB automatically detect the availability
of any type of file locking, not just DOS SHARE. This capability will
be added to the duplicate report generator ZDCSDR in a future release.

Earlier, bbs ads weren't being properly subtracted from the total
number of files before the percent dupes calculation was performed -
this has been corrected. New bbs ads designated only by CRC32 can be
accepted without having either the file name or the original file at

The database builder ZDCSDB checks to make sure that the data file
path specified in the configuration file really exists.

When an uploaded zipfile fails the percent dupes test set by the
sysop, new information is written to the PCBFAIL.TXT file to be
displayed to the caller. This now consists of the name of the
duplicated file in the uploaded zipfile and the name of the previously
existing zipfile on the bbs that already contains this dupe, repeated
for each duplicate file. This tells the caller where to look for the
duplicated files in the zipfiles already on the board, the answer to a
common question.

The maximum number of files within a ZIP that can be processed by ZDCS
is set at 650 for the database build and for the upload file check.

The previous internal limit of 999 pathnames has been removed. There
is no maximum number of paths that may be processed.

The usual bugcrushing, bombproofing and cosmetic fixing that
accompanies an extensive beta cycle have gone into ZDCS 1.64.

Release 1.60

Version 1.60 adds the capability to handle self-extracting EXE files
created with PKSFX (SFX), and "other" files like GIFs. There has been
a substantial increase in the processing speed so that now all files
are processed about three times as fast as they were under version
1.5x. As an example, ZDCS was run on a 10MBS LAN (where the disk
reads across the LAN were a speed bottleneck) and it processed 80,894
individual member files within 4,734 ZIPs, SFXs and GIFs in 2 hours
and 25 minutes. (Your mileage may vary.)

A pre-test capability has been added to permit bbs callers to pre-test
a ZIP, SFX or GIF file for duplicates before spending the time to
upload the full file to the board. This capability does not require
the caller to download any special programs or perform any complicated

A database purge facility has been added to reduce the size of the
CRC32 database *after* the reported duplicates have been cleared from
the file system. The maximum number of files within a ZIP that can be
processed by ZDCS is set at 675 for the database build and 425 for the
upload file check.

The sysop has been given the opportunity in version 1.60 to set a text
message that will be displayed to callers when an upload has been

Release 1.60 also incorporates an interface to third party
applications, which has been implemented for EXZIP and EXZTEST. More
technical information on the interface is available at The Hacker
Central BBS.

What was previously available in version 1.5 as a rudimentary test
mode has been heavily modified to permit the creation of the interface
to third party applications. The old test mode is no longer available
- the guts of it were used to provide a seamless integration with

Release 1.5x

In version 1.5 the database builder ZDCSDB15.EXE now handles zipfiles
stored *with paths* within zipfiles. The previous internal limit of
99 pathnames has been increased to 999. Where the existence of an
empty subdirectory among the pathnames caused the earlier database
builder to abort, ZDCSDB15.EXE can now handle an empty subdirectory.
The real-time upload checker ZDCSFC15.EXE now correctly handles
zipfiles stored *with paths* within zipfiles.

Previously, a file listed in the bbs ads database could still be
considered a duplicate file, which affected the "percentage of new
files" calculation for an uploaded ZIP. The bbs ads are no longer
counted as duplicates when determining the percentage of new files in
the upload.

The database structures used in ZDCS 1.00 have been redesigned for
version 1.5 to cut down on the database size. At the expense of a
little speed, the database is now slightly less than half the size it
used to be.

The new option of "allowed duplicates" has been added in version 1.50.
This is so that files like OMBUDSMN.ASP and VALIDATE.DOC needn't be
counted as duplicate uploads. The allowed duplicate files may be
designated by either filename or by CRC.

A new test mode has been added for the operation of the upload file
checker, ZDCSFC15.EXE. If the word TEST is used instead of the word
UPLOAD as the second parameter passed to ZDCSFC15, then the upload
checker can be used to test a specific file for duplicates without
causing any updates to be written to the database or the logfile and
without creating PCBPASS.TXT or PCBFAIL.TXT. Test results will be
written to ZDCS-TST.OUT. The easiest and safest way to run such a
test on any zipfile FOO.ZIP is to issue the command TEST> to test the files within the zipfile FOO.ZIP. I don't expect
most sysops to need this capability, but it's available.

There have been numerous beta versions of ZDCS between release 1.00
and release 1.50. Conversion programs for the database information
from those beta versions to the new version 1.50 format are available
on The Hacker Central BBS.

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