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This is an in-between release. It will fix most of the nasty bugs (I
hope) that were introduced with 2.01a (2.01a was created under big
pressure and that did more harm than good, sorry).

See XFD.FUT for a list of things that will be implemented in one of
the following 'real' versons.

Please keep sending examples for protocols. I am testing the at the
moment so no new protocols are added to this release but will be in
the next release !!!

³ 2.01a ³ Bug release ³
þ Bimodem would fail (displaying help-screen) in some situations.
This is fixed;

þ All protocols would give various errors in local mode because
most of the time the COM0 (invalid port) was passed. Local
testing will now bring a window on-screen with the call that
FileDoor will make (program, location, options) when running

þ GIF files were not counted as archives. This is (temporary) fixed
by including them as archive extension;

þ Backspace on remote side was not (always) destructive. This is
replaced with a 'backspace, space, backspace' combination;

þ Fixed some internal coding. Credit scoring for Bimodem upload in
download-menu was not counted. Fixed;

þ PFILES.BBS was a selectable file. This is now fixed. PFILES.BBS
and PFILES.BAK are now skipped;

þ Fixed problem with the upload-exits. They were not called when
Bimodem (possible uploads!) was selected in -DD or -DB menus;

þ Added a new option, HideFiles;

þ Added support for MTA 14.45 recompressing utility under FileDoor
ExitAfterUploadx options;

³ 2.02 ³ 'Minor' and bug release ³
þ Fixed a problem where the download of Bimodem files was not counted
at all;

þ Aborted downloads in either DSZ, Other or OPUS flavour were always
counted. This could cause the following scenario. Download 40K,
abort after 20K, resume, abort at 30K, resume, abort at 39K, resume,
done. The user was counted for 20+30+39+40=129K and not 40K. This
is fixed;

þ Errorlevel uploads could be counted as wrong when an exit was called
after the upload. This is fixed;

þ The problem with MinSpace is fixed at last (I hope). Both the inter-
nal coding AND the method are changed. I now use a faster method
and will also be able to cover more type of drives (RAM-disk, LAN
drives, SUBST-drives, ASSIGNed drives and such);

þ There is a flaw in some BBS programs that causes FileDoor to display
a very large number for the remaining download-credit. This is the
case when the downloaded KB's is set higher than the limit (by the
Sysop). This causes the reversed to happen. This is NOT a problem of
FileDoor but a problem of the BBS that passes the wrong value to
the door. A message is send to the author(s) of those BBS's;

þ When there is no specific log-file present (all 3 types) and there
is nothing to add also, FileDoor would create a log-file with a 0
byte length. This is fixed;

þ The special upload/download log contained the name of the day and
not the month. This is fixed;

þ For SBBS users, the name of FILES.SBS is changed in FLSEARCH.CTL;

þ Clarified documentation on the search for FileDoor.CFG;

þ Fixed a problem with the sharing of FILES.RA (and alike) files;

þ Fixed a problem with the sharing of HLP_*.* and MNU_*.* files;

þ The ASCII help-files could not be found. This is fixed;

þ Fixed various errors with errorlevel/other protocols and download;

þ Fixed the calls to various protocols (Bimodem to name one);

þ LHA archives with level-2 headers would not be detected. This is

þ If -U is present on the call to FileDoor (and also -P, see later),
FileDoor will not check any UploadPath (PUploadPath) option in
FileDoor.Cfg for valid data;

þ Using // in the wrong way caused the previous selection (or trash)
to be displayed on the display. This is fixed;

þ After the selection of the protocol, FileDoor will now send a
clear-screen so there will be no trashed screen at the user

þ Added the NOEMS and NOXMS options;

þ Added PUploadPath (and -P) to move private uploads to a different
directory than the upload-directory (if wanted);

þ Did a complete facelist to the file-selection. Added /Q, /S to
be used by the user and ExactMatch and QuickMatch to be used
by the Sysop. See the new chapter for a discussion on the file-

þ Changed the support for //. There will be a separate question
for the password and this password is protected on-screen with

þ Added AlienArchive option to point to special types of archives
that FileDoor has no knowledge of.

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Archive   : XFD_202.ZIP
Filename : XFD.NEW

  1. Very nice! Thank you for this wonderful archive. I wonder why I found it only now. Long live the BBS file archives!

  2. This is so awesome! 😀 I’d be cool if you could download an entire archive of this at once, though.

  3. But one thing that puzzles me is the “mtswslnkmcjklsdlsbdmMICROSOFT” string. There is an article about it here. It is definitely worth a read: