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Output of file : MORGUL01.MOD contained in archive : WWMAIL43.ZIP
³ Mod Name: MORGUL01.MOD Mod Authors: Morgul 1@8315 / Trader Jack 2@8315 ³
³ Difficulty: Easy Date: 17 June 1992 ³
³ WWIV Version: 4.21+ ³
³ Description: Allows user to set a default to run WWIVMail/QWK immediately ³
³ after every logon. ³

This mod allows users to set a default pointer to run WWIVMail/QWK
automaticly at logon. We wrote it using 1 of the reserved bytes to
allow sysop with no additional mods in VARDEC.H to install it alone.
There are many mods that will allow the setting of pointers. If you
have installed ENHANCE.C, you have sysstatus_t_one thru five.
Additionally, if you've installed DeGtitle, you have the toggle bits.
This is the best way we could find to do it in stock source, and yes,
it has been installed in virgin 4.21 and works perfectly. It does
not require a reformat of the user list, but the entire BBS has to be
re-compiled. On with the mod.....

/*==*/ Search for this
/*++*/ Add this line
/*--*/ Delete this line
/*&&*/ Change this line

<> Back up dem sourcies!!!

<> Open VARDEC.H and make the following changes:
(BE SURE to change res[29] to res[28]!!)

/*==*/ unsigned long wwiv_regnum; /* users WWIV reg number */
/*++*/ char WWIVMail[1]; /* run WWIVMail/QWK at logon? */
/*&&*/ char res[28]; /* reserved bytes */

Close and save VARDEC.H.

<> Open DEFAULTS.C in void print_cur_stat, make the
following changes:

/*==*/ npr("B. Optional lines : %d\r\n",thisuser.optional_val);
/*++*/ npr("X. Run WWIVMail/QWK at Logon : %s",thisuser.WWIVMail);
/*++*/ if (strcmp(thisuser.WWIVMail,"Y")==0)
/*++*/ npr("es\r\n");
/*++*/ else
/*++*/ npr("o\r\n");

<> Search down in void defaults() and make the follwing

/*==*/ do {
/*==*/ nl();
/*==*/ helpl=4;
/*==*/ if (okansi()) {
/*&&*/ prt(2,"Defaults: (1-9,A-B,X,?,Q) : "); /*add X*/
/*&&*/ ch=onek("Q?123456789ABXW"); /*add X*/

<> Then add an X to all the following menu lines and
ch=onek's that follow in the same manner.

<> Now search down for case 'B' and add this case:

/*==*/ case 'B':
/*==*/ optional_lines();
/*==*/ break;
/*++*/ case 'X':
/*++*/ nl();
/*++*/ prt(5,"Do you wish to run WWIVMail/QWK at logon? ");
/*++*/ if (yn())
/*++*/ strcpy(s,"Y");
/*++*/ else
/*++*/ strcpy(s,"N");
/*++*/ strcpy(thisuser.WWIVMail,s);
/*++*/ break;
/*==*/ case 'W':
Close and save DEFAULTS.C.

<> Open up LILO.C and add these lines right at the end of
void logon():

/*==*/ create_chain_file("CHAIN.TXT");
/*++*/if (strcmp(thisuser.WWIVMail,"Y")==0) {
/*++*/ set_protect(0);
/*++*/ strcpy(s1,"D:\\WWIV\\wwivqwk"); /*change drive to suit*/
/*++*/ strcpy(s2,"CHAIN.TXT");
/*++*/ stuff_in(s,s1,s2,"","","","");
/*++*/ shrink_out(s,1,0,1,1);
/*++*/ }

Close and save LILO.C.

<> Type MAKE from the commandline or hit F-9 in the IDE
and let 'er rip. You tapped a Header file so you know the deal.

<> Send E-mail to 1 or 2 @8315 to let us know you used
this mod.

Disclaimer: If it breaks, you own the parts. This mod is guaranteed
to do one thing.....take up space on a disk.

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Archive   : WWMAIL43.ZIP
Filename : MORGUL01.MOD

  1. Very nice! Thank you for this wonderful archive. I wonder why I found it only now. Long live the BBS file archives!

  2. This is so awesome! 😀 I’d be cool if you could download an entire archive of this at once, though.

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