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History of WOMREAD Releases

- Version 1.1 Released, 07/21/91.

Added ANSI message support. F5 from the reader screen will view a message
with ANSI. A flashing [ANSI] in the message header will alert that the
message contains ANSI animation/color, and pressing F5 will allow you to
view the message as an ANSI animation.

You will not get the message "Message Truncated Due to Length" any more.
Instead, the flag [TRUNCATED] will appear in the message header alerting
you that the message had too many lines to be completely loaded.

You can now extract messages to text files, and even append messages
to pre-existing files.

All F-Key options are now available on the main reader menu (for the
mouse users). Mouse support has been greatly enhanced, and an experimental
"funky mouse mode" has been added. Use '/F' from the command line when
invoking WOMREAD to check this out.

The session list is now sorted, with the latest packet shown on top.

Misc cosmetic changes.

No special upgrade steps are required, just copy the WOMREAD.EXE and
WOMREAD.HLP files into your pre-existing WOMR directory.

- Version 1.0 Released, 04/18/91.

- Beta Release 0.98 04/13/91 ------------------------------------------------

Ok, one more release. I had to change the way the BBS directory worked,
so I want to get this version out and let everyone hack on it a while.

With this release, you should delete all of your *.DIR and the WOMREAD.CFG
file. You should start from scratch.

Added page-up/down on the menu in the reader screen. You can now use the
mouse to page up and down.

New release of TCXL helped clean up a few bugs.

First cut at documentation. Started organizing things for distribution.

Help system will be updated for the final release.

- Beta Release 0.97 04/03/91 ------------------------------------------------

With this release, all of the features that will be in the first
"official" version have been added. I will not be tinkering any
more. There will probably be a 0.98 release, but it will be only
bug fixes.

I will consider the next beta release "production quality". Documentation
will be included and help screens will be complete!!!!! This will be
the last "wide area" beta version.

I made a bunch of changes, can't remember them all now!

Many (All? yeah right!) bugs fixed!

User can load bbs directory from the BBS select screen now.

Command line options now available by typing "womread /?"

- Beta Release 0.96 03/07/91 ------------------------------------------------

Fixed problem with abnormal dates screwing up the title. Some people
have modified things to have a date that looks like this:
"Friday, January 27, 1991 6:40 PM <>"

Personally, I think that Wayne bell should enforce some standards with
mail formats, and that the standards should not be deviated from when it
comes to systems in the network!!!!!

Stripped out any "extra" carriage returns in messages (Sailor's Tag Line).
He ended his tag lines with "10 13 10" instead of "10 13".
(heh, you're finding bugs and you didn't even know it Dusty!)

Fixed bug in session select window. If you selected a BBS with say 3
sessions, then came back and picked a BBS with 4 or more, unpredicatable
results occurred!

Stripped color crap from titles . . .

Optimized the paging in the reader screen, it doesn't write the header
every time you hit page-down and page-up. Maybe a little faster displaying

Made "reset defaults" option a little smarter. You can actually delete
the womread.cfg file, and it will create a new one (with ugly colors
though). If you have set up your colors and like them, send them to
me, i'll see if I can make them the defaults!!!!

Directory info is now updated from info in the packet when a packet
is opened. (Stuff like bbs name, username, nodenumber, etc.)

Moved print option to function key f3, and now f2 brings up a menu.
From this menu you can view the logon.msg file, and eventually more
things will be available from this menu.

More things, can't remember them all. Cleaned up a bit, still have
have few loose ends to tie up.

- Beta Release 0.95 02/25/91 -------------------------------------------------

Ok, most everything works now, a few quirks linger, but I decided to go
ahead and release this so everyone could start hacking on it.

Some mouse support will not work, particularly on the "select" screens
(select BBS, msg Titles, etc.).
I have some more to learn about the mouse routines. The BBS select
screen will really be goofy if you try and use the mouse on it.
There are also bugs in the current version of TCXL which are
causing most of the problems. They should be fixed soon.

Page up/down doesn't work on the BBS select screen. It will soon.

Some of the help doesn't work, and it is incomplete.

Some of the hot-keys (alt-j/DOS shell in particular) seem to get lost.

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