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WeeBang - a neat program - version 1.03d
Copyright 1992 Jason M. Boyd
Free to distribute without any modifications or further restrictions at all.

Requirements: 128k free memory, TW2002 v 0.98 data file
Syntax: WEEBANG TW2002DataFileName (TWDATA.DAT)

A Good Game: Trade Wars has always been a good game. Currently, I think that
TW2002 is the best version/variation out. However, the BigBang program
included with TW2002 creates the universe more or less randomly, and I've
always enjoyed mapping Trade Wars games and suddenly find myself unable.
Therefore I wrote this program to reorganize the sector matrix in the TW2002
data file so to make it mappable using a 25x40 hex or brick type mapping grid.

Note that this is not a replacement for the BigBang program, but an aid, to be
used immediately after BigBang is run. It will not hurt any data to run this
program later, even after the game has been begun to be played, but it will
confuse the players drastically.

In addition to reorganizing the sector arrangement, WeeBang also does two
other things. First, it re-explodes the nebulae because they would end up
quite scrambled otherwise. This version of WeeBang allows you to choose your
own nebula names. These names should be put in a standard ASCII text file
called NEBULAE.TXT in the current directory. The first 35 characters of
each of the first 58 lines in this file will be used as nebula names; the rest
will be ignored. If a line is shorter than 36 characters, the entire line
will be used as the nebula name. If no NEBULAE.TXT file exists, the program
will use the default names used by the BigBang program. A sample NEBULAE.TXT
file is included with the program. The program will add the coordinates of
each sector that is in a nebula to the nebula name, to aid mapping.

The second additional function is the creation of the text file UNIVERSE.MAP
containing the complete map of the new universe in a brick-type layout. If
this file already exists in the current directory, it will be overwritten when
WeeBang is run. The text file is 105 characters wide and 83 lines long. If
you can print it compressed, do so, otherwise you'll have to tile it. If
anyone has seen any programs that will print standard ASCII files tiled tell
me, the only thing I've found that will work is the included BROWSE.COM
program. To use this you must view the file, use to print out
each screenfull of the left side of the file, then go back to the top and do
the same for the right side. It's crude and I don't like it. Please find me
a tiler.

Complexity factor explained: The "complexity factor" of a universe is exactly
equal to the number of closed warps relative to an ordinary rectangular
universe. The minimum is five, which are used to protect the Ferrengi home
world sector. The maximum is somewhere around 1830, which is ridiculously
complex and nearly impossible to map. Naturally, more complex maps take
longer to create. When you enter a high number as the complexity, you will
certainly end up with something much lower. Entering 1800 as the desired
complexity would probably result in about 1540, while entering 1200 would
probably result in about 1130. I'm working on improving this.

Warning: This program has been testing only with TW2002 version 1.03 data
files. Anything else might easily be ruined if the program will even run with

Disclaimer: I the author am in no way responsible for any sort of damages or
loss of funds in any way caused by the use or possession of this program. By
using this program you take full responsibility for any such damages.

Hail Endurance!

Recent minor changes:

The program now reads from STDIN and writes to STDOUT via DOS INT 21. This
should make it able to be run by remote if necessary, though that's yet

Better universal continuity assurance algorithms: Well no, they still aren't
here yet. However, I added a line of code to the "closing warps" routine, and
the program's complexity factors are turning out much closer to the desired
than they used to.

Closing notes:

If there are any other universe shapes that anyone's cravin' other than the
traditional 25x40, i.e., Moebius strips, cubes, triangles, etc., it can maybe
be done without too much trouble. Just ask nicely on a good day.

Any correspondence should be sent via E-mail to A GODLIKE SUFFIX, user #37 at
Gned's Magic Snails BBS, which, besides being the best Telegard board I've
ever known (I haven't known that many, though) is the test site for this
program. If you can't E-mail me net-wise via FidoNet (Use the Trade Wars
conference - send to "Jason Boyd") I guess you'll just have to call him

Gned's Magic Snails
(214)618-7414 - HST 14.4k
Plenty of Trade Wars of course - registered even!

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