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Output of file : CHANGES.TXT contained in archive : WA-132.ZIP
The revision history prior to version 1.26 has been removed. I
rather doubt there was much interest in it, anyway.

Extended the database validation to seek out and resolve more errors,
without terminating the game. A few bugs were also cleared up.

The UPGRADE and DAY programs have now been rolled into one program,
named WA-UTIL. This was done mostly to reduce the size of the zip

There's now a feature in the Help screen (accessed via the ".") that
tells the players the game's settings.

Magic items are now dropped during maintenance, if you're registered
and if you set the MAGICPROB configuration parameter.

The user's screen has been reorganized, and the layout of the screen
now varies considerably with the user's SIGHT and FARSIGHT status.
The general effect is to make more screen space available.

The "ugly screen" option has been moved -- it is now in the "Help"
menu. Further, the "ugly screen" option is now the default for new

Added the "PEACE" spell, and made all new wizards get a free day of

The REGISTER.ME file is now a full-fledged form for sysops to send

Players can now step over small obstructions.

A new type of item: Scrolls, which can, like items, be enchanted or
not. A scroll can hold any spell, any number of times. They are
slightly unstable, though.

The game now does its own semaphoring -- you can alter your batch
file so that it doesn't do it manually any more.

There was a bug in AP calculation: if a creature or player got more
than 255 AP, the value "wrapped around" and could come up quite low.
This doesn't happen any more; the value is capped at 250.

I've added a certain element of team play to the game, via
"Fraternities". There's a short discussion of them in WIZARD.TXT.
They are only available to registered sysops. Fraternity membership
can be disallowed by using the "FRATERNITY" configuration parameter.

If you use WA-UTIL to perform daily maintenance off-line, and you do
it at some hour besides midnight, you've probably noticed that a user
who logs in between midnight and then your nightly routine occurs
triggers the maintenance routine. You can now circumvent this by
changing telling the game to perform maintenance only after some
specific time. See CONFIG.TXT for details of the MIDNIGHT parameter.

The was a nasty bug: if a player was controlling a creature, and that
creature was slain during a counterattack, the player died abruptly
and the system errored out. Doesn't happen any more.

When an error occurs, the obnoxious red screen no longer appears.
The "notify your sysop" message is still displayed, though.

All new players default to assuming "NUMLOCK ON". They can still
change it to "NUMLOCK OFF" if they like.

CHANGES FOR VERSION 1.29 (never generally released)
Added the FLAME BURST and FIREBALL spells -- but only for registered

The DART, BOLT, and LIGHTNING spells are now more powerful, to
compete with crossbows.

Fraternities are now listed in the rankings.

The captain of a frat can now assign a password, which will be
required for all new members to join.

Version 1.28 introduced a bug in the determination of new days, which
could cause daily maintenance to fail to fire off properly. That
should be all straightened out now.

CHANGES FOR VERSION 1.30 (never generally released)
Shifted to a new version even though 1.29 was never generally
released. This is simply because the way frats are now handled
internally required some database manipulation.

Added several new monsters, along with their weapons.

The "look" command now tells the user what's in his line-of-sight out
to the range of his vision. It was kinda stupid that players could
only inspect areas immediately adjacent to them.

Added the Wizard's Eye spell.

Often, when a magic item ran out of spells, it simply disappeared
during daily maintenance. This doesn't happen any more; instead,
the item is replaced by a mundane item of the same type.

The game now deals with dropped carriers better.

The sysop can now make player movement cost NO AP/FP, via the
FREEMOVE configuration parameter. Please note that this will
render all wandering monsters virtually impotent; a player
will be able to wander around, find a sling, find a monster,
attack it and STILL get clean away.

Upgraded to a newer version of CKIT (2.10) by Rickie Belitz.
No obvious consequences, but it is a good deal more robust.

Certain spells allowed a wizard to attack and retain invisibilty.

Casting "INVISIBILITY" didn't update the spell display. Actually,
this affected several spells.

A bug was introduced in 1.31 -- counterattacks by monsters didn't
notify the player that they had connected. Fixed.

The 'TRAINSLOPE' parameter was insensitive to values below "110".
Now it goes all the way down to "101".

Using WA-UTIL to do the nightly maintenance wouldn't work properly
unless you were in the right directory when you ran it. Fixed;
you can be anywhere, as long as WA-UTIL can be found.

Certain very long mail messages were blowing the mail records.
Shouldn't happen any more.

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