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VP-Xfer Utility í v1.0
BBS File Transfer Utility for VGA Planets
By: Scott Schroeder þ The FIREHOUSE! BBS þ (206)252-1568
Copyright: Scott Schroeder þ 1993


VP-Xfer was written in Microsoft QuickBASIC v4.5 using the Door Source
v4.0B Library. The next version is being developed with Borland Turbo C++
This was my first attempt with QuickBASIC ever, it was an experience...

My thanks to Mike Benson (competitor and friend), Terry Gillette for all
the QuickBASIC books, my kids for staying out of my hair for a few hours
until I could get it written the first time, and all my users who helped
test the door for many months.

þ VGA Planets is Copyrighted by Tim Wiseman
þ DSZ and GSZ are Registered Trademarks of Omen Tech Corp.
þ Door Source is Copyrighted by Computer City.
þ QuickBASIC is a Registered Trademark of the Microsoft Corporation.

This program is not guaranteed to be bug free. I absolutely will not be
held responsible for any damages of any kind, including profit losses or
data loss, damaged hardware or corrupted files that relate directly or
indirectly to use of this program.

You may distribute the shareware version of this program, as long as it
is in an unmodified form with all the files orginally included and is not
altered in any way.

Files included in the original archive are:

Filename Bytes Date Description
* DESC.SDI 315 11-10-93 BBS description file.
* FILE_ID.DIZ 315 11-10-93 BBS description file.
PASSWORD.DAT 813 11-15-93 Sample player passwords file.
* RACES.TXT 1140 06-11-93 Optional race names file.
* REGISTER.FRM 2531 11-10-93 VP-Xfer registration form.
* VERSIONS.DOC 2997 11-15-93 VP-Xfer release history.
VP.BAT 106 11-15-93 Sample door batch file.
VP-XFER.CFG 2097 11-10-93 Door configuration file.
* VP-XFER.DOC 10148 11-15-93 This file, setup guide.
VP-XFER.HLP 3090 11-15-93 Door user's online help.
VP-XFER.EXE 76421 11-15-93 The door program itself.

* - Files that may safely be deleted from the VP-Xfer directory.

Current VP-Xfer release: VPXFER10.ZIP 84195 bytes 11-15-93

Programs needed, but not included, Omen Tech's DSZ or GSZ
Transfer Protocol Driver. Tim Wiseman's VGA Planets.

Enough of that...


1. UnZIP VP-Xfer into your VGA Planets subdirectory.
(ie. C:\WWIV\PLANETS) It should be where all your VGA Planets
game files are located.

2. Fire up your favorite ASCII editor (DOS's EDIT, QEdit, etc.) and
edit the following files:

Create a batch file to load up VP-Xfer, a sample file from my own
system is included in the archive as VP.BAT. The batch file should
switch to the Planets directory, and then load up VP-Xfer with the
following command:


DOORSYS specifies that you want to use the DOOR.SYS dropfile.
The other supported BBS Types are:

RBBS :Puts VP-Xfer into RBBS/QBBS mode.
WILDCAT :Puts VP-Xfer into Wildcat 2.0 mode.
DOORSYS :Puts VP-Xfer into 31-line DOOR.SYS mode.
PCB121 :For Pcboard 11.8/12.x mode with COM 1 active.
PCB122 :For PcBoard 11.8/12.x mode with COM 2 active.
PCB14 :PcBoard 14.x mode (default).

Here are some other command line options that can be used with

LOCKED: ##### :If you have a high speed modem that is locked at
at a certain speed.

LOCAL :For local play, won't read the interface file. It
is possible to play locally without specifying
LOCAL but that means the program will look for the
dropfile (ie. DOOR.SYS).

NETWORK :Allows file sharing if you using something other
than DOS's SHARE to manage file locking (only
useful for BBSes that are being multi-tasked).

PS2 :Forces the PS/2 IRQ's and addresses if a PS/2 isn't
automatically detected.

IRQ=n :Let's you change the IRQ used for the com port
specified in the BBS interface file (VP-XFER.CFG).

ADDR=&Hnnnn :Let's you change the address used for the com port
specified in the BBS interface file (VP-XFER.CFG).

When using IRQ and ADDR you must use both, not one
or the other. The defaults are:

COMPort IRQ Address
1 4 &H3F8
2 3 &H2F8
3 4 &H2E8
4 3 &H2E8
5-8 4 &H3F8

If using the defaults, there is no need to use the
IRQ or ADDR commands.

Here is the line I use in VP.BAT on my own system:


Obviously caps are not important, keep to the order they are listed
in though. LOCKED is before DOORSYS, etc... Only choose 1 of the
interface file modes.


Finally you just need to edit VP-XFER.CFG for whichever transfer
protocol you choose to use. They are setup to run with DSZ at 38400,
so it would be very easy to use DSZ from the examples given. See
the documentation included with DSZ or GSZ for more details on how
to write the configuration info for your particular system. Also if
using DSZ, the most secure method would be to make sure you use a
registered copy of the DSZ protocols. It should be fairly easy to
figure out. I've successfully tested the VP-Xfer with both DSZ, and
GSZ transfer programs.


Next, edit PASSWORD.DAT for the passwords for each player. I suggest
just using their passwords they use to log into the BBS. Line #1 =
Player1, Line #2 = Player2. Etc.. on up to line 11. One password per
line and when done, you should have 11 passwords.

3. Now you just need to set up your BBS software for VP-Xfer. Read your
BBS software instructions if you have any trouble. Below are some
examples for a few BBS types. Send me your info, and I'll add it to
this list.


Run ChainEdit and insert a new slot wherever you want it to be
in the Game Menu.

Edit the new entry:

A. Description : VGA Planets
B. Filename : VP.BAT %1
C. SL : whatever...
D. AR : whatever...
E. ANSI : Optional
F. DOS Interrupt : NOT Used
G. 300 Baud : Are you kidding?
H. Shrink : Up to you...
I. Disable Pause : No

4. Run VGA Planet's HOST.EXE in the game directory. You can do this
every night, or however often you want to set it up to run the game
maintenance. I suggest nightly, the game starts out slow.

The easiest method of doing this is via a batch file run as an
'external event' at midnight. The VGA Planets instructions are very
helpful with setting this up. You should also find instructions for
setting up events with your BBS software.


Several Sysop Function keys are available when running VP-Xfer:

F3 : Printer toggle.
F4 : Page Bell toggle.
F5 : Shell To DOS.
F7 : Caller Alarm toggle.
F8 : Return caller to the BBS (kick them out of door).
F10 : Enter SysOp Chat.
ESC : Exit SysOp Chat.
ALT+N : SysOp Next On flag.
ALT+X : Drop to DOS after caller logs off.

³ ³
³ For Support and the latest version call: ³
³ ³
³ ô the ³
³ ³
³ Everett's HOTTEST BBS ³
³ (206)252-1568 ³
³ WWIVnet @2623, IceNET @2623, SnoNET @1 ³
³ ³
³ ³
³ Please help support the Shareware Concept. Register your software. ³
³ ³

Registration is only $15.00 (U.S. Funds).
See REGISTER.FRM for further details.

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