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³ Revision History for VP-Xfer þ File Transfer Utility for VGA Planets ³

Version 0.01á - The first abortive attempt. Never publicly utilized...
I couldn't, it had a serious bug upon exiting that caused the BBS to
hang and wait for a local keyboard return - not good.

Version 0.02á - Exit bug fixed! Door officially used for the first
transfers. The users loved it, and I no longer had to get up early to
remove old .TRN files from the filebase each day. Hoorah!

Version 0.03á - Spruced up the prompts and menus some. Tightened up the
code a lot. Unregistered version has 30 second delay added.

Version 0.04á - More coding changes. Leaner and a bit quicker.

Version 0.05á - Added support for Non-ANSI users.

Version 0.06á - Finally got the Unregistered Delay sequence right.

Version 0.07á - Still getting leaner....

Version 0.08á - Expert Menus added. They're an instant hit with the
users, especially at the slower baud rates.

Version 0.09á - Tried to install a Password feature. Tried is the key
word, it doesn't work yet.

Version 0.10á - Finished the player passwords feature to protect players
from unscrupulous types who might try to upload their own version of the
player's .TRN file. Noticed a small display problem with Non-ANSI menus
when using Expert Menus. Does it never end?

Version 0.11á - Fixed the Expert Mode for Non-ANSI users. Added support
for other than the default VGA Planets Race Names using RACES.TXT Fixed
up yet more of my early sloppy coding.

Version 0.12á - Last of the Beta Versions, as it has run without problems
for several months now. Some minor cosmetic fixes (again).

Version 1.0 - First official release. Added a Scores Command at the
Main Menu, and got around to typing up some docs. Changed passwords
field length to the more standard 8 characters maximum. Added a small
help file with the "?" command.

Still to come:

1. An improved registration code system.
2. Add feature to allow new players to enter their own passwords (and
then they'd also be able to reserve a slot in a new game).
3. With the above, allow players to change their password at anytime.
4. Try to read RACE.NM so RACES.TXT would no longer be needed if you
wanted to use different Race Names.
5. Have file transfers written to a SysOp configurable logfile -like
the BBS's existing daily log perhaps?
6. Multi-Node aware.
7. Faster & smaller! Perhaps just do the whole thing over again in C++
8. Add the next Maintenance Date to the logoff screen with the time.
9. Add command so SysOps can review the VP-XFER.LOG when in Vp-Xfer.
10. Fix the DOOR.SYS time bug.
11. Built-in support for multiple games of VGA Planets.

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  1. Very nice! Thank you for this wonderful archive. I wonder why I found it only now. Long live the BBS file archives!

  2. This is so awesome! 😀 I’d be cool if you could download an entire archive of this at once, though.

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