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Validate v2.5


A System Utility Program for your WildCat! BBS

Validate supports DOS 3.x SHARE for Multi-Node environments, uses
BIOS screen writes for DesqView compatibility, and is written in
Turbo Pascal using B-Tree Filer.

WildCat! and F-Pro! are trademarks of Mustang Software, Inc.
B-Tree Filer is a trademark of Turbo Power Software, Inc.
Turbo Pascal is a trademark of Borland International, Inc.
PKZIP,PKUNZIP,PKPAK,and PKUNPAK are trademarks of PKWare, Inc.
SCAN is a trademark of McAfee Associates, Inc.
DesqView is a trademark of Quarterdeck Software, Inc.
A System Utility Program for your WildCat! BBS Validate v2.5
(c) 1990 by Gasner & Associates, Inc. 08/15/90


Warranty and License Information........ Page 2

Introduction............................ Page 3

Installation............................ Page 4

Configuration File Format............... Page 4

Running Validate........................ Page 7

Command Line Switches................... Page 7

Tests Performed By Validate............. Page 8

Revision History........................ Page 9

The latest version of Validate is always available on:

The Central Command BBS/IBM (708) 359-9346
1200/2400/9600 HST 24hrs - Multi-Node

 3^3  A System Utility Program for your WildCat! BBS Validate v2.5
(c) 1990 by Gasner & Associates, Inc. 08/15/90

This software is distributed AS IS!! Although fully beta tested,
no claim is made to the proper operation of this software!!


This software is copyrighted and is NOT "Public Domain". A
limited license is granted to use this software subject to the
restrictions listed below.

Distribution restrictions


This limited license permits the user to redistribute the program
subject to the above restrictions and the following:

The software may be redistributed via Bulletin Board Services as
long as it is not for commercial gain per the following

1) The software package must be complete and unaltered.
2) ALL files must be included as originally named.
3) NO files may be added to the package or archive.
4) Absolutely no fee may be charged for the software's use or
distribution unless prior written permission is obtained from
the author.


Under no condition is distribution permitted by ANY distributor
of "Public Domain","Shareware", and/or User supported software
without first obtaining written permission from G & A.

Distribution via disk, mail, or any other means is also
prohibited unless written permission is obtained from G & A.

A G & A program distribution request applies ONLY to the named
program or programs. In no way does permission to distribute one
program imply permission to distribute any other G & A programs.

Address your requests to:

Gasner and Associates, Inc.
Distribution Department
2184 Queensburg Court
Palatine, IL 60074
 3‘3  A System Utility Program for your WildCat! BBS Validate v2.5
(c) 1990 by Gasner & Associates, Inc. 08/15/90


Validate is an attempt to provide automation to an aspect of
running a BBS that tends to normally consume a large percentage
of the time a SysOp spends maintaining his or her system.

While running validate as a nightly event, you will not eliminate
the need to spend time individually reviewing your uploads.
However, the time you do spend may be considerably shorter, and
less tedious.

Every file in your designated directory will be processed by a
battery of tests to insure it's integrity and validity, the
results of which are written to a log file. Validate also pro
vides the ability to actually move the file to a separate logical
file area in the WildCat! FILESPEC database. This allows you to
run an event following validate which will utilize F-Pro! or
other WildCat! database utilities to move, list, or otherwise
process only those files which have PASSED validate.

Validate can also actually REMOVE the upload file and upload K
credits from the user accounts of the uploaders! Additionally,
you have the option of creating/appending a USERxx.BBS/.SCR file
to notify the individual user that his/her file was invalid.

Both "ZIP" (PKZIP/PKUNZIP) and "ARC" (PKPAK/PKUNPAK) integrity
checking is supported.

Do you have users consistanly uploading archives with "extra" files
in them? (eg: COMMAND.COM, PKUNZIP.EXE, etc...) Validate will
allow you to create an ASCII file ** WITH WILDCARDS ** listing all
filenames you do not want to appear within an archive!

A System Utility Program for your WildCat! BBS Validate v2.5
(c) 1990 by Gasner & Associates, Inc. 08/15/90


To install validate on your WildCat! 2.x system, we recommend you
create a new directory, although this is not required.


You must then change to this directory and copy the files from
the distribution disk to this directory:

COPY A:*.*

The following files will copy:

VALIDATE.EXE The utility program itself
SAMPLE .CFG A sample configuration file
SAMPLE .BAT A sample event driver
SAMPLE .BAD A sample bad content file

Next, create a subdirectory for Validate to use as a work space.
Note that files will be written to this directory, but ALL files
in this directory will be deleted during Validate processing.


The next step is to create a configuration file. You may name
this file anything you wish, but you should place it in the
validate subdirectory.


Line1 node path { C:\WILDCAT\NODE1\ }
Line2 temp dir { C:\TEMP }
Line3 log file name { C:\VALIDATE.LOG }
Line4 sys file path { C:\DOSUTILS\ }
Line5 valid extensions { .GIF,.TXT,.ZIP }
Line6 zip comment file { C:\COMMENT.ASC }
Line7 touch file dates { NO }
Line8 bad file area { X }
Line9 debit u/l credits { YES }
Line10 show why ul gone { YES }
Line11 bad content list { NONE }

A System Utility Program for your WildCat! BBS Validate v2.5
(c) 1990 by Gasner & Associates, Inc. 08/15/90


Line 1, Node Path


Specify the path, including drive letter, to your CONFIGWC.BBS
file. On a multi-node system, in general you should use the path
to the node which will be running Validate, but it really does
not matter. Do not specify the filename, but be sure to put the
trailing "\".

Line 2, Temp Dir


Specify the full path to the working (temporary) directory you
created during installation. Note there is NO "\" after the
directory name!

Line 3, Log File Name


Specify the full path and FILENAME you wish to use for the report
Validate will generate. You may call the file and/or place the
file anywhere you wish.

Line 4, System File Path


Validate currently will integrity check both "ZIP" and "ARC" files.
Specify the path to the directory where you have PKZIP, PKUNZIP,
PKPAK, PKUNPAK, and SCAN located. Note the trailing "\". If you
only support "ZIP" format, you do not need PKPAK/PKUNPAK, and vice

Line 5, Valid Extensions


Specify what file extensions with which you are willing to accept
uploads. Separate multiple extensions with commas. The spaces
between each extension are optional, but help make the line
easier to read. Note you MUST specify the period (".") before
each extension. Also, if you wish to accept files with NO exten
sion, you MUST use a period followed by three spaces.
(ie: .GIF, .ZIP, . , .TXT)
Line 6, Zip Comment File


Specify the filename which contains your ANSI comment. If you do
not wish to have Validate automatically add/replace existing
comments with your own, simply place the word "NONE" on this

Line 7, Touch File Dates


Valid values for this line are either "YES" or "NO" in uppercase.
If you specify "NO", file dates WILL NOT CHANGE from whatever
they are set to when you run Validate. (they will be preserved).
If you select "YES", file dates and times will reflect the
current date and time when the file is processed by Validate.
This can be useful in situations where users are missing files
during their [N]ew file scans, because the logged in after the
upload, but before you have made the file available.

Line 8, Bad File Area


If you so desire, Validate will both logically via WildCat!
FILESPEC database and index records, and physically via your file
area paths, move the files which fail it's battery of tests into
a separate WildCat! file area. Specify the area to move to on
this line as a capitol letter. You must first setup the area in
MAKEWILD. Validate will actually move the physical file, AND
adjust your WildCat! database, just like F-Pro!. This allows you
to then run F-Pro! or other file database utilities and process
your entire upload directory without moving , listing, or other
wise affecting the files which Validate has flagged as "bad". If
you do not wish to use this feature, simply place an exclamation
mark on this line. ("!")

Line 9, Debit Upload Credits

Place an uppercase "YES" on this line if you wish the credit for
the upload, both the file count and upload kilobytes, to be
debited from the uploading users account. Place a "NO" on this
line if you wish to allow your users to keep the credit for files
Validate has flagges as bad.

 3`3  A System Utility Program for your WildCat! BBS Validate v2.5
(c) 1990 by Gasner & Associates, Inc. 08/15/90

Line 10, Show Why Upload Gone

Place an uppercase "YES" on this line, and any files which are
flagged as bad will generate a 2 line comment which will be
placed in the uploading users' USERxx.BBS & .SCR files. If a
USERxx file for the user already exists, the information will
simply be appended to the end if the existing file. The file
name, and reason for the failure will be listed in the format
shown below. Place an uppercase "NO" to disable this feature.
Use of this feature is independent of the status of Line 9.

Your upload FOO.BAR failed Validate Rel:2.5 due to:
Zip file failed integrity check

Line 11, Bad Content File

Place an uppercase "NONE" in this line to disable this feature,
otherwise, enter the complete path and filename to an ASCII file
you create, listing filenames which you do not want to be present
in any uploaded archive (ZIP or ARC). This file should be in the
format of one filename per line, wildcards ARE accepted! Be VERY
careful using this feature... Files such as "AUTOEXEC.BAT" are
sometimes required for some applications, and if present in your
bad content file, the archive will be flagged as bad.


To execute validate, follow the command line format shown below.
Please note, if you have placed validate in your path, you do not
need to specify the full path to execute validate.exe, but you
must still specify the full path to the configuration file.

Step 1 : Change to the directory you wish to check

Step 2 : Run Validate,specifying a configuration file and NodeID

The first parameter on the command line listed above is the path
and filename of the configuration file we created. The second
parameter is mainly for multi-node system. Specify the NODE ID
of the node that is currently running Validate. If you are using
a 'S' version of Wildcat! (single line) then simply specify node


You may also specify none, one, or two command line switches
after the NODE ID when running validate. "/P" and "/NS" If you
wish to specify both, DO NOT put a space between them.


Validate normally only reports files which fail validation. /P
will also report files which PASS validate, and note them as
such. If you do not have McAfee's SCAN program, or simply do not
wish to use it, specifying "/NS" will tell Validate to "Not Scan"
the files. In this case, only tests 1..5 are performed.
 3£3  A System Utility Program for your WildCat! BBS Validate v2.5
(c) 1990 by Gasner & Associates, Inc. 08/15/90


Six tests are run by Validate on each file in the current direc
tory. If any of these test fail, any remaining tests for that
file are aborted, and the file is marked as bad.

Phase 1 : Check for presence in FILESPEC.DAT

The file fails if a filename exists in the directory, but is not
also in the WildCat! database.

Phase 2 : Check for zero length file

The file fails if the file is zero bytes in actual length (abort
ed upload), regardless of the entry in FILESPEC.DAT.

Phase 3 : Check for valid file extension

The file fails if it's extension is not listed in your Validate
configuration file.

Phase 4 : Check for a file description

The file fails if the user did not enter at least 1 non-space
character in either of the file description fields in

Phase 5 : Check for ZIP integrity

The file fails if it is (a) a .ZIP file, and (b) the file fails
the "-t" integrity check test.

Phase 6 : Check for virus via SCAN

The file fails if SCAN reports any viruses present. Note that if
the file is a "ZIP" file, it will be unzipped into the work
directory prior to scanning, and then the work directory will be
cleaned. If the file is not a "ZIP", it will simply be copied to
the work directory prior to the scan and cleanup steps.

A System Utility Program for your WildCat! BBS Validate v2.5
(c) 1990 by Gasner & Associates, Inc. 08/15/90


Release 1.4 04/19/90 Initial Shareware Release

Release 2.4 05/30/90 Fixes screen display flicker
Correctly names WC! directory

Release 2.5 08/15/90 Released as FREEWARE!!

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