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Version 1.4l 8/06/94 Short History - Cummulative changes since
version 1.42:

Fixed MAIN.SUB bug introduced in version 1.4i or
1.4j. I'd replaced the SubListOrder procedure
with my own; I just found out it allowed extra
subboards to be listed after those in MAIN.SUB
under some circumstances.

Version 1.4k 8/06/94 Better handling of corrupted subboards.

Added code to fix a corrupted VALENCE.USR.

"Netmail:" and "Internet:" messages may now be
sent in any conference, and they will be
redirected to MAIL even if not marked private.

ZMODEM.EXE moved to the bottom of the protocol
search list (it had been first). If you have
both DSZ and SLZmodem in the path, Valence will
now choose DSZ over SLZmodem.

Personal and P/A conferences will now have their
high message pointers advanced even when there
are no new P/A messages.

Internet "To:" addresses supported with SL 4.0+.
Send these by putting "Internet: user@domain" on
the first line of the message.

Twirlie spins faster.

Version 1.4j 8/03/94 While adding support for the "%R" metacharacter,
I noticed a bug in "%P": it wasn't being set to
0 for local logins.

By popular demand - added twirling indicator
while archiving and unarchiving.

Private messages in QWK nets now marked with
conference name, and redirected to that area
when downloaded through Valence. (This is an
incomplete feature, preparatory to the ability
to return private net messages to the hub, as
well as to hubbing with Valence.)

Added PgUp/PgDn keys in SubList. Fixed problem
where down arrow would activate "P" function
(join all subboards in Personal mode).

Private messages in QWK nets now imported to
MAIL only if user is joined to net conference.

More SLTPU code replaced.

Version 1.4i 7/17/94 Big bug in version 1.4h's QWK net support. In
adding "IdxName", I broke the old method of
setting the name for high message pointers. This
results in garbage member records. They can't be
deleted in the usual way, so I've included a
program to do it; please read JUNKMEMB.DOC for
details. (And please remember, all the lettered
versions of Valence are considered *betas*, so
you use them at your own risk.)

A lot of SLTPU code replaced with my own. (No
visible effects from this.)

Repeated first lines in file descriptions now
skipped (in 45-column mode only). Other minor
changes in file list.

Text mode support for 4.0+ features which were
added for QWK in 1.4h.

Version 1.4h 7/01/94 Now scans for BBSID.Q?? when importing net QWKs.

Fixed scrolling included ANSI wrapping.

Added "IdxName" keyword for QWK nets. This lets
you specify a name to be used for the high
message pointers, so that two .CFG files can use
the same pointers - one for export, and one for
import. (I'm told this is useful for Planet
Connect.) Normally the hub's BBSID (which is
also the name of the .CFG) is used in the
subboard member records; to have two .CFGs use
the same pointers, put "IdxName " in the
second config file, where is the name
of the first .CFG. (It doesn't matter which is
first, and you could set both to a third name,
or even use this feature with a single .CFG.)

New 4.0+ metacharacters supported.

Internet "From:" addresses displayed.

Time estimation now uses new 4.0+ bps rates when

Refined relative pathname resolution.

Work directory cleared at beginning as well as
end, in case of crash.

Added "+" indicator on password-protected files
in new files list.

Added ^D and ^U in SubList.

Version 1.4g 2/14/94 Added ALIASBLD.EXE. This is only for use with
Searchlight 3.5A+. (See ALIASBLD.DOC.)

Completed support of new alias features.

Recompiled with new SLTPUs.

1.4f would lock up when shelling in net mode.

Option #7 was missing in SubList Change attrib.

Added more complete error reporting of disk

If you don't have a BULLETIN subboard, it might
have caused problems in previous versions. (It
didn't when I tried removing it here, but I'm
speculating this could be the cause of one very
vague bug report.)

I now initialize all pointers to nil in an
attempt to eliminate a reported lockup that I
can't reproduce. This shouldn't do *anything*,
but if you now get any Runtime error 204s where
you used to get a lockup or GPF (aka QEMM error
13), let me know.

Version 1.4f 2/09/94 Replaced the broken SLTPU pause routine with my
own; now works OK under Windows.

Added partial support for new Searchlight alias

In changing the alias support, I had to remove
the ability of level 255 users to post under any
name. Instead, you must now use Searchlight's
ALT-S flag if you want to do this.

Removed several advanced options (BLANKLIST,
WORDY, extra line configuration for file list).

Removed Join, Unjoin, and Highmsg functions from
SubList. Type the number of the subboard to

A change somewhere between 1.4b and 1.4e caused
the log file to record downloaded packets as 0
bytes long.

Changed the display slightly.

Version 1.4e 1/22/94 Private flag should now send to MAIL subboard
no matter what perverse things you've done to
your SUBBOARD.SL2. ๐Ÿ™‚

Time now set to 1440 if ALT-S, as previously
with level 254 and 255.

Another change in estimated time display:
minutes and seconds now.

Version 1.4d 1/18/94 First version in 94!

Selecting "news always" when no news file was
defined caused a mess in 1.4c.

Added full direct video in local mode, when
Searchlight is set to Direct.

Cosmetic change in "estimated time" display.

Error-free connection now assumed on 9600+
connects for purposes of time estimation.

Potential problem with truncation of message
numbers above 65535 fixed.

Lots of piddling, invisible changes, tuning the
code. Made it .1% faster. ๐Ÿ™‚

Version 1.4c 12/31/93 Last version in 93!

Further optimized disk access.

Specifying a nonexistent subboard in a network
configuration file would cause a crash on

Version 1.4b 12/27/93 Some changes in SubList. Typing the number of
the subboard directly will join and prompt for
new high message if not joined, and unjoin if
joined. Other changes too.

Added stripping of terminal spaces put on each
line in .REPs created by some readers (e.g., LHL

Sysop-level users with negative time remaining
were getting a runtime error 200.

Version 1.4a 12/15/93 Tentative changes to deal with a reported
problem using subboards numbered higher than 255
in SubList.

Chat-file notification of new mail is now
disabled for the sake of compatibility with
ZMODEM.EXE, while I try to devise a workaround.

Temporary fix for mysterious "blank text" bug.

Disabling of PERSONAL.NDX was not working.

Scanning for new messages will now update the
display more frequently (when a subboard is only
partly scanned), except in Text mode.

Changed elements of the display.

Added BIOS-mode screen restoration after
shelling to archivers and protocols. (This only
affects the local console display.)

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