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Junk Member Purge and Member List
version 1.0

by William McBrine
Copyright (c) 1994 Iconoclast Software

Written using the Searchlight Programmer's Library
Portions Copyright (c) 1994 Searchlight Software

:::: JUNKPURG.EXE ::::

You only need this program if you used Valence version 1.4h to import or
export to/from a QWK network (and you weren't using the "IdxName" keyword
introduced in 1.4h in all network config files). You don't need it if you
only use Valence as an online QWK door for your callers.

Today I learned that Valence 1.4h failed to initialize the Hubname used to
create and update member records in QWK net subboards. (Valence uses member
records to store the high message pointer for the hub board in each net
subboard, just like the member records for regular users.) I didn't catch
this because I only tested the new "IdxName" feature, thinking the code for
the standard hubname method, where it's read from the command line, hadn't

It *was* still being read from the command line, but only *after* the member
name was set. The uninitialized "hubname" - a string of up to 25 random
characters - got stored as a new member in each net subboard during any
import or export. Not only did this prevent 1.4h from recording its high
message pointers, but once Valence was fixed, the junk members remained.
Since they contain invisible and/or untypable characters in the names, you
can't delete them from Searchlight. (Even the SLTPUs' "deletemember"
function won't work on them, so I had to write my own.) Besides which, I
made the mess; I should clean it up.

Note that these junk records are harmless; if you never run JUNKPURG, your
system should be unaffected by them. They only waste space.

JUNKPURG will remove any members whose names contain lowercase characters,
characters in the "low ASCII" range (0-31, plus 127 and 255), or characters
in the "high ASCII" range (128-254) if the "Allow High ASCII" flag is not
set in CONFIG. (It's not, by default.) This takes care of any names which
contain untypable characters and will get the vast bulk of the junk records,
but there may still be some junk names which are all printable characters.
(You can find out by using MEMBLIST; see below.) These may be deleted with
Searchlight's "1-Member", "Unjoin". You could also use 1-Member to change
the QWK net high message pointers which weren't updated by Valence 1.4h.


It's automatic. But you might want to back up your member files first, just
in case I've made another mistake. 😉

:::: MEMBLIST ::::

This is a simple program I wrote some time ago but did not distribute. It
lists every member in every subboard (except MAIL and BULLETINS), along with
their last message read, and the last date they accessed the subboard. It
was originally intended to show how much each subboard was being used. I'm
including it here so you can do a before-and-after listing of your members;
before, to see if you have junk records, and after to see if they're gone.

You can use this for its original purpose, too. Some message statistic
programs use the number-of-times-read fields on messages; these aren't good
indicators because they aren't always incremented. (Valence doesn't by
default.) The last date accessed, as shown by MEMBLIST, isn't always
accurate, either. (Early versions of Valence didn't update it, nor do
several other programs.) The high message indicator is the most reliable.

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