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ÛÛÛÛ³ T u r b o T a p e ³²ÛÛÛ
³ Version 1.99b ³
ÛÛÛÛ³ Release Date 08/20/92 ³²ÛÛÛ

(C)opyright 1991, 1992 Cairo Research Labs, All Rights Reserved

The Turbo Tape door was written to allow the sysop to store files OFFLINE,
onto a tape backup unit. These files are still accessible to users through
our Turbo Tape interface. Turbo Tape (TT) will allow you to restore files
from the tape drive back to the BBS on the hard drive. Once the files have
been restored back to the hard drive, you simply return to the BBS and
download them, just as you would any other file on the system.

There are two methods that Turbo Tape uses to restore these offline files.
The first occurs when TT performs what is known as an On-The-Fly (OTF)
Restore. An OTF restore occurs when the file is to be restored while the
user waits online for it. Most OTF restores only take between 2 to 3 minutes
to complete. Your sysop may have the OTF capability disabled, due to some
quirks which occur when attempting to restore files under a multitasking
environment such as Microsoft Windows or QuarterDeck's DESQview.

The second method, by far the most popular, is called the "Scheduled"
method. What happens here is fairly simple, yet very powerful. Throughout
the day, users who enter the TT door place their requested files in what is
known as the "Scheduler Queue". At the end of day (more than likely early
morning), when the BBS is slow and the nightly BBS maintenance is occuring,
your sysop will have the Turbo Tape Scheduler automatically restore all the
files which were placed in the Queue during the previous day. Once these
files have been restored to the BBS, you are free to download them on your
next call!


The following options area available to you once you get to the Turbo Tape
main menu:

[B]rowse Offline Files
Here, you may pull up a list of all the offline file areas. You may browse
through any of these areas. As the files scroll by your screen, you have
the option of "tagging" or restoring a file. If you "tag" a file, it will
be placed in the Queue for processing during the next Turbo Tape Scheduler
Run. If you opt to "restore" a file, Turbo Tape will proceed to restore the
file while you wait, provided the Sysop has the On-The-Fly Restore option

[S]chedule Restore Jobs
This option will allow you to "Schedule" your requests, and free-up
your online time for other things besides waiting on a S L O W tape drive!
You simply enter the area number that the requested file is in, and the
filename to be restored. Turbo Tape's internal checking will make the
determination as to the validity of the file. All pending requests are
pulled off tape in the next maintenance run and will be available for
download at that time. Restored files will remain on the hard drive for
until the retention period has been met (ask your sysop).

[E]dit Queue
This facility will allow you to edit your list of "tagged" files. no
voodoo involved in this one....

[P]age Sysop
Care to annoy your sysop? 🙂

[Q]uit back to BBS
Returns you back to the BBS.


If you have any questions, or if you experience problems with the Turbo Tape
System, please let me your sysop know as soon as possible.